STIHL HS 56 C-E 600mm Petrol Hedge Trimmer
STIHL HS 56 C-E 600mm Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Manually cutting hedges, particularly ones that have grown to a height beyond your reach, is laborious and time-consuming. To complete the task using only shears and a ladder can be a hassle since accurate cutting is required to shape or trim the hedge. Which must be done frequently while maintaining balance on the ladder. So the question you may be asking is which hedge trimmer should I buy.

Suppose you’re still using shears to maintain the shape of your hedges and bushes. In that case, you might find that purchasing a hedge trimmer would be a better investment because it would save you time.

Shears on their own cannot guarantee consistent cuts because they are cumbersome and, depending on your level of landscaping expertise, can be challenging to operate. This is true if you have extensive stretches of border hedges that must be trimmed.

Hyundai Petrol Hedge Trimmer
Hyundai Petrol Hedge Trimmer

What exactly are hedge trimmers, and how do they perform their functions?

Hedge trimmers are beneficial power tools that can cut away unwanted leaves and small branches with a single blade passing across the hedge’s surface. They resemble chainsaws in that they have a bar that you move across the hedge using a saw grip, most of the time with two hands. This action gives the hedge trimmer an appearance similar to that of a chainsaw.

Hedge trimmers are a very convenient tool for intensive gardening and landscaping work. A simple pair of shears, on the other hand, necessitates a great deal of laborious physical effort and multiple passes to achieve a clean, even cut on an overgrown hedge. On the other hand, a hedge trimmer enables you to complete the task in a significantly shorter amount of time. While also producing a cut that a trained professional appears to have been performed.

Baumr-AG 26CC Petrol Hedge Trimmer
Baumr-AG 26CC Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Hedge trimmers can be dangerous but are relatively simple to use.

To use a hedge trimmer, all the user needs to do is turn on the motor, aim the blades, and slowly drag the bar and its blades along the desired direction and angle. Using a hedge trimmer is one of the most straightforward power tools.

Hedge clippers are an item that every homeowner who has a passion for gardening ought to own due to the numerous advantages. A yard that has become overgrown can be transformed into a tidy piece of landscaping using a hedge trimmer better than any other power tool. Furthermore, this is true for people who make a living working in landscaping, design, or gardening.

What Are the Most Common Varieties of Hedge Trimmers Available for Purchase?

There are three distinct categories to choose from when shopping for a hedge trimmer regarding the power source that drives them. You can purchase gas-powered, electric-powered, or cordless hedge trimmers, just like you do with most other outdoor power tools.

Each variation comes with its advantages and disadvantages. The benefits they offer frequently change depending on your level of expertise with power tools and the size of your yard. In particular, the kind of hedges and the extent to which the hedge trimmer will trim them. Hedge trimmers come in various configurations, including single, double, and power types. Power types are the most common.

You can rent a hedge trimmer from one of the many hardware stores that offer power tool rentals. If you are still undecided about the model of hedge trimmer that will serve your needs the best. You could rent a hedge trimmer for about a week and use it to familiarise yourself with its functions, orient yourself on how it operates, and determine whether or not you require a hedge trimmer for your home.

BAUMR-AG 24cc 2-Stroke Petrol Hedge Trimmer
BAUMR-AG 24cc 2-Stroke Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Single-Sided vs Double-Sided Hedge Trimmers

The three types of hedge clippers described above are also available in single-sided and double-sided variants. The difference between these variations can be summarised in their names: one has trimmer blades running alongside it on one side, while the other does not.

Single-Sided Hedge Trimmers

Hedge clippers with a single cutting edge are ideal for cutting through thicker branches, hedges, and other similar tasks that require a fair amount of muscle. They are also relatively easy to use and simple to operate. You need only to keep an eye on one side of the trimmer when using a single-sided hedge trimmer.

The user can make cuts in a single direction, making it simpler to perform selective trimming on hedges with thick branches. In addition, this variant of hedge trimmer is typically more cost-effective than double-sided trimmers.

Baumr-AG 20V Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer
Baumr-AG 20V Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

Double-Sided Hedge Trimmers

On the other hand, hedge trimmers with two cutting edges offer greater versatility when shaping hedges. Making flat tops and sides for box hedges and sculpting complex shapes may work better when the user can make back and forth passes, thanks to the double-sided blade.

When Purchasing Hedge Trimmers, Things That Should Be Considered

Hedge trimmers are specialised tools that can only perform one function, and that function is trimming hedges. The hedge trimmer that is most suitable for you is the one that assists you in performing this one task effectively and comfortably. Furthermore, possibly having one or two additional features useful for you.

Length of Blades and Blade Spacing

Like chain saws, Hedge trimmers can be purchased in several lengths. Longer blades may make it simpler to create straight, even, and flat hedges with fewer passes. However, they may also be challenging to handle when working in a relatively narrow yard. On the other hand, shorter blades tend to be more manageable, particularly when moulding a hedge into a specific form.

A hedge trimmer with an 18-inch blade can be used to maintain the majority of yards that have typical hedges. Suppose you have a larger and more open yard, and it has a lot of flat hedges that are straight. You might find that a longer blade (around 20 inches or so) works better, primarily when an experienced landscaper holds it.

Hedge trimmers intended for domestic use typically come equipped with single-sided blades, which are easier and less dangerous for inexperienced users to work with. They also typically come with blade haps that are smaller, ranging from about 3/4 to 3/8 of an inch between each one. Enabling them to make cuts that are more even at the expense of ripping power. Hedge trimmers in landscaping businesses typically benefit from a double-sided blade and have more significant gaps between each side of the blade.

Power and the Capacity of the Battery

Baumr-AG HH3 20VCordless Electric Hedge Trimmer
Baumr-AG HH3 20VCordless Electric Hedge Trimmer

Hedge clippers powered by gas still have an advantage over electric models regarding the total amount of motor power they can produce. This gap has been steadily narrowing over the past few years. Electric models now perform similarly to most gas-powered models in all but the most challenging trimming conditions. In contrast, cordless models generally lag behind more than their electric counterparts.

Many cordless hedge trimmers on the market today are beginning to approach the performance of their corded and even their gas-powered counterparts. This is even though models of cordless trimmers attempt to balance their running time and their power. You can expect approximately 20 minutes or more from a fully charged battery, and charging times can be anywhere from an hour to more than an hour. This is based on the current state of batteries.

Weight and Ease of Movement

The weight of the hedge trimmer is a primary concern. The weight of a hedge trimmer is an essential consideration because it is designed to be lifted and guided by the operator. The motor contributes the majority of the trimmer’s weight. Consequently, a heavier model could be preferable if it has sufficient power to complete the trimming job in a shorter amount of time. Resting the tool isn’t likely while it is being used.

Vibrations are unavoidable when using hedge trimmers due to the high speed at which the trimmer blades rotate, especially for gas-powered models. An adequately padded grip will allow you to use the tool all day without experiencing any discomfort. This is especially true if the tool has two handles and a lock switch that enables you to remove your hand from the trigger.


Even electric hedge trimmers produce a significant amount of unwanted sound when used. Even a cordless hedge trimmer that is relatively efficient will produce a noise level of about 90 dBA. Which is loud enough to cause hearing difficulties if you are exposed to it all day. This noise level is comparable to that produced by a typical gas-powered lawnmower. It is loud enough to warrant the use of hearing protection.

The noise issue is even more significant for hedge trimmers powered by gasoline. The noise level produced by a gas hedge trimmer ranges from approximately 97 to 103 dBA, and they can reach incredibly high decibel levels.

When looking for a hedge trimmer, you should consider purchasing one with some features that reduce the amount of noise it makes. Hearing protection is an absolute necessity in any event, particularly if you frequently intend to use the tool in question.

STIHL HS 45 450mm Petrol Hedge Trimmer
STIHL HS 45 450mm Petrol Hedge Trimmer

Hedge Trimmers that Are Powered by Petrol

Hedge clippers powered by Petrol are widely acknowledged as providing superior results in both the speed and power they cut. The motor in a petrol-powered hedge trimmer is the most powerful that can be found in a trimmer. This means that it can make faster progress when cutting through dense bushes and hedges.

This type of hedge trimmer makes a lot of noise when used, and it is also cumbersome due to the weight of its motor and its fuel tank. In addition to that, there is also the problem of emissions. If you want to avoid these drawbacks, look for an electric or battery-powered model.

Since it is Petrol-powered, on the other hand, the user does not have to worry about staying within range of an electrical outlet while working. This hedge trimmer can work anywhere as long as there is Petrol in the tank. Making gas-powered hedge trimmers ideal for working in large yards or in places where electrical outlets are scarce and far between, such as parks and public gardens.

Check Out These Features Before deciding which hedge trimmer should I buy:

  1. Components allow for an easy start, such as a pull-starting system with a spring assist.
  2. Features that eliminate vibration, both for the user’s comfort and the cutting process’s stability.
  3. A large, see-through fuel tank allows for extended periods between refills. An estimated quantity of fuel is left in the tank.
  4. More economical fuel consumption, allowing for longer operating times.
  5. Refilling a four-stroke engine is typically simpler than refuelling a two-stroke engine. If the oil level is adequate, a 4-stroke engine will function just fine with regular petrol in the tank. In contrast to a 2-stroke engine, which must have its tank periodically refilled with the correct oil and fuel mix in the appropriate proportions.
  6. Features that clean themselves, reducing the amount of time spent on maintenance.
  7. The blades can be stopped instantly by brakes that activate themselves as soon as the trimmer is turned off.

Hedge Trimmers Powered by Electricity

Electric corded hedge trimmers are typically easier to manoeuvre, lighter, and less expensive than other hedge trimmers. As long as they are within reach of a power outlet and do not exceed the recommended length of cord given by the manufacturer. The hedge trimmer user has an unlimited running time when they have a constant supply. This is the case whether or not they exceed the recommended length of the cord.

It is unnecessary to charge or refill the battery compared to other hedge trimmers. In addition, corded electric hedge trimmers produce less noise during operation. They don’t release any emissions for those concerned about these factors.

Considerations to Make When Purchasing a Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer

  1. Power cords that are longer and thicker will allow for a significantly larger working coverage area without the need for extension cords.
  2. Electric solid motors with four amps or higher current rating for optimal cutting performance.
  3. Vibration control features are designed to provide added comfort and stability.
  4. The body is designed to be compact and intelligent for added manoeuvrability and portability, which can help the user quickly cut different angles, particularly for higher hedges.
  5. Features allow for an instant start.
Makita18V 3.0Ah Cordless Grass Shear
Makita18V 3.0Ah Cordless Grass Shear

Hedge Trimmers Without a Cord

Hedge clippers that run on batteries are also sometimes referred to as cordless hedge clippers. Electric hedge trimmers powered by batteries are significantly easier to transport than their corded counterparts. They can be used in a given yard’s broader range of settings.

Compared to an ordinary corded hedge trimmer, a cordless hedge trimmer can be pretty expensive since it does not have a cord to contain the power source.

Of course, the most significant disadvantage is the unwelcome downtime required to wait for the batteries to charge up. As with the other kinds of cordless power tools, purchasing a model with an additional battery can assist. When working with cordless hedge trimmers, I recommend using batteries with a minimum capacity of 4.0 Ah.

Makita 18V 520mm Cordless Hedge Trimmer
Makita 18V 520mm Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Consider the Following Features When Purchasing a Cordless Hedge Trimmer:

  1. Large battery capacity and estimated running time are sufficient to allow you to finish your yard before having to stop to recharge or replace the batteries.
  2. Built-in battery models that support rapid charging so that users can spend less time waiting for their devices to charge.
  3. If a replacement battery is required, compatibility between various battery brands and models is essential (exclusive for models whose batteries are not built-in).
  4. Low vibration characteristics ensure a steady cut and a comfortable experience for the user.
  5. A comfortable grip, such as rubber grips, ensures that holding it is a pleasant experience. When the hedge trimmer is used for an extended period, this may also reduce or even eliminate hand fatigue.

In conclusion

The answer to the question “Which Hedge Trimmer Should I Buy?” depends on the task at hand, just like the answer to that question for the vast majority of other power tools. Even for the more affordable available versions, performing routine maintenance on them increases the likelihood that you will get years of service.