What Chainsaw Do I need
What Chainsaw Do I need?

The chore of chopping and cutting dead trees and branches that have grown overgrown on your lawn or driveway can be challenging and even dangerous. After a storm, you have the option of doing it by hand, which involves chopping wood and pruning branches with a wood axe. Although this is possible, it requires a significant amount of time and puts a lot of strain on your body. Unless you have experience with chainsaws, you may ask, “What Chainsaw Do I need”?

An occasional cleanup session with an axe is acceptable once in a while for the average homeowner, but what if you’re in charge of keeping a large property or multiple lawns, backyards, and trees in an area? In that case, you’ll need to find a better solution. You need to decide if purchasing a chainsaw is the best option for you to clear away tree limbs and entire trees.


Which model of chainsaw ought you Invest In?

Suppose you deal with a lot of firewood or are interested in professional landscaping, gardening, or other comparable jobs. You may anticipate using chainsaws occasionally. In that case, purchasing a chainsaw is an excellent investment. Some people believe it to be an absolute must.

Baumr-AG 25CC
Baumr-AG Pro Arborist

The chainsaw that would be one of your alternatives depends significantly on your tastes and budgetary constraints. Chainsaws are both portable and powerful in equal measure. Any chainsaw that you purchase will be capable of doing reasonably simple activities, such as cutting logs, trees, branches, and similar materials. However, they are not multi-purpose tools, evident in most chainsaw types.

How do chainsaws cut wood efficiently?

You can think of chainsaws as the workhorse of portable cutting tools because they are effective at cutting through logs and branches. A cutting chain is wrapped around a guide bar rapidly by an engine powered by gas or electricity. A rough cut is produced by dragging this cutting chain across the surface, which causes the tiny blades to scrape against it. The operator can speed up the process by applying pressure to finish the work more quickly.

Chainsaws have carved out a niche for themselves in popular culture and people’s imaginations as a distinctive cutting tool; in fact, chainsaw juggling is something that people do to demonstrate their dexterity. A chain saw is not a child’s plaything. It’s a risky piece of equipment, and it doesn’t even have a lot of built-in safeguards to keep you safe from its inherent dangers.

When you use the tool, there are neither blade guards nor guides to assist in keeping you and those around you safe. Additionally, there are neither dust ports nor any other debris collection. Chainsaws are high-powered tools that can make rough cuts in logs and firewood. It is recommended that only experienced users operate chainsaws. They are about as efficient and straightforward as possible in power tools.

Is it a good idea to rent one?

Some hardware stores let customers rent power tools for short periods. This can be helpful if you are having trouble deciding which chainsaw model would be best for you. You will become more familiar with chainsaws, how they perform on the job, and the proper techniques when using them if you do this.

There are four distinct models or kinds of chainsaws that can be purchased from various retailers. These include chainsaws powered by gas, chainsaws powered by electricity, chainsaws mounted on poles, and chainsaw scissors. Chainsaws can also be categorised according to their power output, guide bar length, and other characteristics.

Baumr-AG Petrol Commercial Chainsaw 24 inch
Baumr-AG Petrol Commercial Chainsaw 24 inch

Chainsaws that are powered by petrol

Petrol-powered chainsaws are significantly more powerful than electric chainsaws and pole chainsaws and can cut more extensive and thicker logs and wet wood. Additionally, you can expect a petrol-powered chainsaw to have more horsepower in general. When you need to cut logs and trees in places quite a distance from an electrical outlet, the portability and power of a petrol-powered tool are invaluable assets.

Chainsaws powered by gasoline make the most of their power by having guide bars that are both longer and wider. Compared to other kinds of portable saws, gas-powered saws typically have bars that can reach up to 60 inches in length. This provides them with a greater cutting capacity and a deeper cutting depth. When it comes to felling trees and cutting logs in forested areas or remote locations, petrol-powered chainsaws will likely be your best option due to their power, portability, and length of time that they can be used.

STIHL MS 661 C-M 630mm 25inch 5.4kW 91cc Professional 2-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw
STIHL MS 661 C-M 630mm 25inch 5.4kW 91cc Professional 2-Stroke Petrol Chainsaw

Things to look out for when purchasing a gas-powered chainsaw

  1. Tanks with a greater capacity allow you to continue working for longer before needing to be refilled.
  2. When you cut logs on the ground with a saw with secondary rear handles. You can do a double overhand grip to increase your manoeuvrability and leverage, resulting in better saw control.
  3. A homeowner model for entry-level use should have guide bars and cutting chains measuring 16 and 18 inches. However, more extended professional models offer additional cutting depth and capacity.
  4. Chainsaws equipped with air injection cleaning systems require significantly less time to be maintained and have a cutting chain that lasts significantly longer.
  5. Chainsaws with innovative start features include a push start button or spring-assisted pull-ups for pull-up starting systems. Making it much simpler to turn on the saw and get it started.
  6. When using the tool for an extended period, it is essential to watch anti-vibration systems so you do not experience hand numbness or discomfort.
  7. Mufflers and noise dampeners are two types of devices that reduce the volume of loud engine noise. Spark arrestor screens are used to protect forests from unintentional fires.

Essentail maintenance tips

  1. It is essential to remember that larger motors or engine power (preferably 30-50 cc) will make cutting medium firewood thicker, larger logs much more straightforward.
  2. It is possible to perform quick maintenance on the tool because it has a toolless air filter and spark plug covers.
  3. You can adjust the oil flow with adjustable oil pumps, which allows you to compensate for complex conditions.
  4. You will need heated carburettors if you intend to use your chainsaw when the temperature is below freezing.
  5. Stop controls enable you to cut power to the saw and bring an immediate halt to the blade’s rotation.

One of the main disadvantages

Petrol-powered chainsaws are comparable to virtually any other gas-powered tool: they are noisy. They need to be serviced and refuelled regularly and can be challenging to begin operating initially.

STIHL MSA 160 C-BQ 36V 300mm (12inch) Cordless Chainsaw (Skin Only)
STIHL MSA 160 C-BQ 36V 300mm (12inch) Cordless Chainsaw (Skin Only)

Chainsaws that are powered by electricity

An electric chainsaw is ideal for light trimming tasks, such as removing dead or overgrown branches and other similar chores. Electric chainsaws typically have a lower maximum cutting capacity than their gas-powered counterparts, typically more compact.

However, they have an increased degree of portability because of this feature. Their lighter motors and shorter bar guides may make them the most suitable option for the straightforward trimming tasks required for properties ranging from small to medium in size.

Electric chainsaws are also the best option for beginners because they are much simpler to operate than their gas-powered counterparts. They are straightforward to fire up. Most of them come with a single trigger that simultaneously turns on the chainsaw and controls the cutting speed.

Milwaukee M12FHS-602B 12V 6Ah 152mm (6inch) Cordless FUEL Hatchet Pruning Chainsaw Combo Kit
Milwaukee M12FHS-602B 12V 6Ah 152mm (6inch) Cordless FUEL Hatchet Pruning Chainsaw Combo Kit

Electric Chain Saws That Are Cordless As Opposed To Those That Are Corded

Cordless electric chainsaws are far superior to their gas-powered counterparts regarding mobility and portability. You will be restricted if you use a corded electric chain saw, and plugging them in won’t be easy either. You can’t just use any extension cord lying around to power an electric saw. Cordless electric chain saws do not have these limitations.

Electric chain saws require extension cords with a heavy gauge, either 14 or 12, to safely handle the high amperage at which they operate. If you own a corded electric chainsaw. Operating time won’t be a problem due to the charge you have left on your batteries or how many are fully charged and ready to use.

Electric chainsaws also produce less air pollution and noise than their gas-powered counterparts. They are often the only option for use inside or in areas of a community where there is a concern about excessive noise.

Consider the following when shopping for an electric chainsaw:

A larger battery and power capacity are always advantageous for cordless electric chainsaws. They allow for more extended periods of operation. Even more advantageous are lithium-ion batteries that are equipped with quick-charging capabilities.

Additional handles at the tool’s rear make it simpler to manipulate. The operation of brushless motors is more efficient, producing more torque and having a longer motor life.

Automatic chain lubrication system that allows for hands-free maintenance and facilitates easier cutting. Chain tension can be easily adjusted with tool-less chain adjustment. And chain and guide bar replacement can be accomplished without needing a separate tool at any point in the process. Maintenance-free features for less frequent maintenance. Perfect for property owners who only use their chainsaws on occasion.

62CC Long Reach Pole Chainsaw Hedge Trimmer Pruner
MTM 62CC Long Reach Pole Chainsaw Hedge Trimmer Pruner

Chainsaws for Poles

In terms of power and cutting depth, pole chainsaws cannot compete with either electric or gas-powered chainsaws. They have a shorter bar guide and smaller cutting chains that come standard on pole chainsaws. However, pole chainsaws are more of a specialised type of chainsaw anyway.

Due to the long pole and lightweight body, pole chainsaws are the best choice for pruning hedges and other plants from the ground. They are also the best choice for cutting tree branches. However, where they fall short in cutting power, they more than make up for it in terms of range. When cutting is required at a height that a standard chainsaw might not be able to achieve, a pole chainsaw is an absolute necessity.

A look at some essential aspects of pole chainsaws

  1. Shoulder straps are essential in providing comfort, especially after prolonged use.
  2. Some models come with telescoping handles that start at a typical length of seven feet and can be extended to a length of twenty feet or more.
  3. Accessible start functions make it much less challenging to start the engine.
  4. A string cutter head and other accessories are trimming peripherals compatible with a distinct advantage’s pole attachment features.
  5. When used to trim tree branches and other similar vegetation, a small bar guide and cutting chain are advantageous for manoeuvrability. You should anticipate 8 to 10 inches with a standard pole chainsaw.
  6. An automated lubrication system for chains is designed to extend chain life and reduce the risk of kickbacks.
  7. The pole has features that make it simple to attach and collapse, making it much more portable and reducing the amount of space.

Chainsaws are made with a scissor function.

Scissor chainsaws are sometimes called alligator saws or loppers because of the jaws on their handles. Scissor chainsaws are optimised for cutting smaller branches and logs. The jaws of a scissor chainsaw clamp onto the log or branch being cut. And then secure it against the cutting chain.

Scissor chainsaws can cut branches that are up to 4 inches in diameter. As opposed to bar chainsaws, scissor chainsaws have enclosed chain blades, making them significantly safer to use. Regarding gardening and landscaping, scissor chainsaws are an excellent tool. This particular type of chainsaw is also most accessible for beginner use.

The vast majority of scissor chainsaws are powered by electricity. As a result, they run quietly and produce no smoke emissions, neither of which can be bothersome to your neighbours. As with most electrical instruments, scissor chainsaws are offered in corded and cordless iterations. The light-duty scissor chainsaw or lopper sacrifices power in exchange for portability. Because of this, they are helpful when operating a tool on unstable platforms like ladders.

Things to look for when purchasing a scissor chainsaw

  1. Regarding cordless scissor chainsaws, it’s always a good idea to have a larger battery capacity (at least 4.0 Ah) and longer running times.
  2. Features that make it easy to start up, such as a push-button to start, make it much simpler to use.
  3. Features include comfortable grips and wide handles that facilitate operation with two hands.
  4. Jaws significantly wider than average ensure a firm hold on the branch.
  5. These tools retractable blades make them suitable for safe storage.

A Few Suggestions and Remarks Regarding the Use of Chainsaws

Chainsaws, particularly those with longer bars, are potentially lethal power tools that individuals with significant prior experience should only handle. They have a high level of power, are prone to kickbacks, and, for the most part, do not include blade guards. Before using a chainsaw, you should always read the manual first. While operating a chainsaw, you should take every precaution to ensure that your work area is free of obstructions. And that no people, animals, or vehicles are in the immediate area.

Always take precautions to prevent injuries by dressing in protective gear, such as long pants, a hard hat, protective eyewear, and other similar clothing items. Always check to see that the oil lubrication functions correctly before turning the chainsaw on. This will help prevent kickbacks and seizing. The cutting chain should be oiled, cleaned, and kept sharp to reduce the risk of kickback and chatter.

Keep yourself safe!

Always try to find a partner to work with, significantly when cutting down trees, if possible. Never try to operate a chainsaw with just one hand. Always follow the correct procedure when felling a tree to prevent potential damage to your property. Using an electric chainsaw, you should always ensure that it is plugged into a wall socket with the appropriate power wattage. This rule also applies to any extensions that you may be using.

Under no circumstances should you begin a cut by using the very end of the bar guide. At the end of the bar, a guide is referred to as the kickback zone, and a powerful kickback can cause you to lose control of the tool before firing up a chainsaw sitting idle for an extended period. You should always inspect and clean its chain and check the condition of its fuel tank and oiling system.

Never add fuel to a hot gas-powered chainsaw; instead, wait until it has cooled down completely before doing so. Chainsaws tend to generate a significant amount of heat when used for an extended period.