When you think of your ideal camping setup, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a camp chair. A can of beer propped up on a fold-out table, and a man dressed in shorts was holding a pair of tongs over a gas cooker. This is the typical image that comes to mind. A lot has changed in camping over the past few years. Thanks to technology, we can bring all of the comforts of home with us. If you enjoy making meals from scratch.

The Travel Buddy oven (Australia) is a lightweight

Also,  portable appliance that can bake, roast, and keep food at a comfortable temperature while you travel. Place the pies, sausage rolls, or vegetables in the Travel Buddy oven, plug it into the cigarette lighter socket or the nearest 12v outlet, and set the timer. Then, while you are parked at the beach for the afternoon, you can enjoy the aroma of an oven roast dinner.

travel buddy oven
The Travel Buddy oven can be used almost anywhere!

The Travel Buddy oven can be used almost anywhere!

Travel Buddy oven is a portable and space-saving oven that can be used virtually anywhere. Because it has a stainless steel finish, it is both easy to clean and resistant to scratching. Suppose your automobile has a port where a cigarette lighter can be plugged in. In that case. The Travel Buddy oven can be used anywhere! After the initial warm-up period, the Travel Buddy’s heating temperature can reach more than 190 degrees Celsius, allowing you to use it in the same manner as a conventional oven. Just picture yourself in the middle of nowhere baking fresh bread.

Please note that the oven’s heat cycle needs to be performed at least once. Some minor smoke may be produced when burning off the residue left on the element during manufacturing.

The installer’s responsibility is to ensure that the oven is supplied with the appropriate polarity and that sufficient wiring size and quality plugs are used to prevent damage to the wiring and/or the oven. Because this device requires ten amps of current, it is recommended, whenever it is feasible to do so, to hardwire it directly to the power supply. Do not act in this manner until you have discussed it with an appropriately qualified expert. We found that the female plugs in a few different vehicles come in various sizes. If there isn’t a good fit between the plug and the vehicle, this can lead to the plug overheating. The warranty will NOT be impacted in any way by this. However, we recommend that you conduct your research to determine whether or not this appliance is compatible with your electrical setup.

What kind of capacity does the Travel Buddy Oven have?

The Travel Buddy is available in two different sizes and three distinct configurations. Also, the Travel Buddy Marine Oven (12V) and the Travel Buddy 24V Oven have identical dimensions: 190 millimetres for height, 320 millimetres for width, and 280 millimetres for depth. Furthermore, the Travel Buddy Marine, the larger model, has dimensions of 190 millimetres in height, 320 millimetres in width, and 280 millimetres in-depth, identical to those of the 24V unit. This unit has enough space to accommodate two large pizzas, an entire lasagne, or a dozen cookies that have just been baked.

In what temperature range does the Travel Buddy Oven operate?

Because it can reach temperatures ranging from 75 to 200 degrees Celsius, the Travel Buddy is considered one of the most flexible camping ovens. The even temperature throughout is produced by the heating coil located at the unit’s base. The container is insulated, except for the door. There is a knob on the front of the door and a sign that says “Hot Surface”. This is to warn the children to stay away from the surface. You won’t be able to contain your excitement until you try baked potatoes with a Sunday roast. A foolproof strategy for turning the campers in the adjacent site green with envy.

What kind of power requirements does the Travel Buddy oven have?

The Travel Buddy oven has a power consumption of 120W per hour, equivalent to 10 amps per hour. Although it uses a lot of power, which is expected given its capabilities, purchasing this product is money well spent. It is ideal for situations where there may be a ban on lighting fires or a scarcity of kindling to burn. Cooking on a gas burner is a beautiful method. Still, it requires some preparation, and the temperature can fluctuate when there is a breeze or cold outside. Travellers who move from town to town regularly. But still want to enjoy a warm meal with a new option that is both simple and within their price range. Thanks to the Travel Buddy oven. The next time you go on a road trip. Bring some freshly baked treats or a full-on roast dinner to wow your companions.

Recipes Ideas

The following are some helpful hints regarding cooking that you can begin using right away. If you remember to do so or have the time to do so, you should preheat the oven before placing food inside it. This should be done after the oven has been turned on. Before using it, preheat the oven. The vast majority of us, on the other hand, are not nearly as organised as that. So the following recommendations are for a cold oven (preheating the oven will change the heating time by approximately 15-30 minutes depending on what is cooking)

Hot air circulates throughout the oven.

An additional clue is that greater demand will be placed on the oven the longer it takes to complete the task. The temperature on the bottom tray is higher than the temperature on the other trays. Because the element that heats the oven is situated at the bottom. That is to say, if you have a total of eight pies, and you place four of them on the top of the baking sheet and four of them on the bottom, there won’t be as much space for the hot air to circulate throughout the oven. It is possible that it will take a little bit more time, and you will need to flip the pies over at least once while baking. If this occurs, you will need to adjust the baking time accordingly.

Pies Frozen Pie When starting with a cold oven. It will take approximately an hour and a half to bake a pie that has been frozen and then place it in the oven. A pie takes about forty-five minutes taken out of the freezer. Allowed to thaw and then placed in a cold oven to finish baking. To make six Frozen Party Pies from scratch will take approximately forty-five minutes of your time.

Casseroles and other leftovers can be used.

One common reason people use a Travel Buddy is to reheat previously prepared casseroles. Or casseroles that have been leftover from a previous meal. We strongly suggest that you wrap any leftovers or casseroles in aluminium foil. Then place them in a baking tray made of aluminium foil, which can be found in most supermarkets. The amount of time necessary to warm something up will vary depending on its use; however, you can use it as a starting point. The following is a general guide to follow as a starting point.

The time necessary to cook leftovers thawed and then placed in a cold oven is approximately one hour. The time required for reheating leftovers from the freezer is approximately one hour and thirty minutes. After that, it is put in an oven that has been heated up beforehand.

A Dinner of Roast Beef for Two

The Travel Buddy has enough room to accommodate the cooking of a small roast. That is not ruled out. Take into consideration the following as a point of reference:

  1. 700 grammes of rolled pork roast; the one that we purchased at the grocery store was already packaged in a foil baking dish when we got it home.
  2. Two med potatoes cut into 6-8 pieces (and we put slits into the top of each one)

Place the potatoes on the roast and all around it. You can also put them on top. After that, season them with the spice or herbs of your choice. Wrap it in aluminium foil. After placing it in a cold oven, we let it cook for about three hours, during which time we checked it once, flipped the roast, and rechecked it. After that, we removed it from the oven. When the timer for the oven goes off after two hours, we bring the temperature back up to where it was and turn the oven on. When we got to the campground, we boiled some peas and served them with potatoes and pork that had been braised until it was very tender. It was an excellent way to start the holiday.

In conclusion

When cooking a roast or anything else that already has juices or will make juices while cooking. Place the item you are cooking into an oven bag to prevent the juices from leaking out of the item being cooked. An essential point to keep in mind is experimenting with the cooking times and frequently checking the dish’s development.