Tuff Terrain makes some of the most reliable extendable towing mirrors. You can find them on the market today; these mirrors are no exception. Tuff Terrain towing mirrors (Australia) are built to last and significantly improve over the strap-on mirrors that are typically used. Removing these after you have finished towing is unnecessary because they are designed to take the place of your current side mirrors. As a result, you will always have a more comprehensive view of your surroundings. When arriving at your destination, just fold them back up. Are you transporting an extensive load? You can drive with complete confidence when you extend the mirrors to a distance of up to 560 millimetres from the door of your vehicle.



Towing a caravan with Tuff Terrain towing mirrors (Australia)

Within the 4WD community, it is unsurprising that most of us work with a limited budget. We are simply taking advantage of everything the outback offers. Including spending quality time with our loved ones and experiencing breathtaking landscapes. People often put in a significant amount of effort, both in their spare time and cash, to achieve the ideal setup. Towing a caravan was the best way to experience these moments in comfort and elegance.


You can’t beat it. However, traffic mishaps are unavoidable. We have investigated the many advantages of the Tuff Terrain towing mirrors (Australia). Furthermore, it will give you a great view of your rig while driving and reduce the likelihood of collision involvement.

A mirror should have an electronic adjustment controlled

The Tuff Terrain Towing Mirrors are a permanent installation that replaces your existing mirrors. They are the ideal mirrors for those who tow frequently. These models come equipped with a giant dual mirror that can be extended to enhance visibility. It can also feature an electronic adjustment controlled from the driver’s seat.

This allows the driver to adjust the mirrors even if it is pouring outside without opening a window. Tuff Terrain towing mirrors have an extension that can reach up to 56 centimetres from the door. Drivers will have a wide field of view and a better ability to see over huge caravans. It is essential to ensure that they are extended to their full length whenever you are not towing. Various states have different regulations regarding the length of side mirrors concerning the overall length of a 4×4.

A blind spot mirror can be a real problem.

You can see things in an entirely new light when you equip your vehicle with extendable Tuff Terrain towing mirrors (Australia). It will be the same for your towing vehicle, and you will be able to tell from exactly where you are sitting whether or not you will hit a tree. Because you now have an additional blind spot mirror, you can watch the things that matter, such as your rear wheels. Ensure that you do not accidentally cut through them on an obstacle you have not yet entirely removed.



The installation of these mirrors is very straightforward. If you are familiar with the process and have the necessary tools. Replacing your factory mirrors with your new set should take twenty minutes. The only steps involved are taking off the door trim, unbolting the old mirrors, bolting on the new mirrors (with thread lock), and hooking up the existing electrical connections. Even if you still have the factory side indicators on your vehicle.

Advice from professionals is often the key to success.

You are required by law in all Australian states to have operational indicators on your side mirrors. This is the case even if you have those factory-side indicators. Since each Tuff Terrain towing mirror has a unique design, you must double and even triple-check the model of your automobile before placing an order. This is done so that vehicles following you can see clearly when you intend to change lanes. Please seek the assistance of a trained professional if you have any reservations about carrying out the installation on your own.

Tuff Terrain towing mirrors to fold inward is a fantastic feature because it enables drivers to park in congested areas without removing the mirrors first. They fold in both directions. Your mirrors will remain securely attached to your four-wheel-drive vehicle.



In conclusion

If you only pull a trailer a few times a year. You should be okay with one of the more affordable clip-on options. However, wind and vibration can loosen these fixtures throughout long journeys. If you are towing more than this, you should consider installing a permanent fixture. Tuff Terrain towing mirrors (Australia) are an excellent accessory for any four-wheel-drive vehicle. Especially if you want to enjoy your travels and adventures.