Property Security During the Festive Season and Beyond

After coming out of a hard lockdown and the festive season fast approaching, Wiltronics is bracing for an increase in criminal activity in Ballarat and surrounds. We are advising homeowners to assess their property safety using the following home security tips and considerations in this simple Homeowner’s Guide to CCTV Security. If you’ve ever browsed through CCTV surveillance camera brochures with their dozens of options, product shots, specifications and varying prices, you may have been tempted to just

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Poor Internet or Wi-Fi Signal by Wiltronics

Wiltronics, the tech specialists in your community has some simple suggestions to one of our most asked questions. How can I improve my internet/Wi-Fi coverage? Most users prefer to keep their routers in a corner of the house or even in a closed cupboard. While this does minimize wire clutter, it also limits your Wi-Fi range because the Wi-Fi signal spreads and fades with distance and obstacles. For some, Wi-Fi is a requirement as basic as electricity and

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