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The cornerstone of all communities is the people. Thus, providing opportunities to grow, socialise and work is very important. Alfredton and Lucas are no different and the rapid expansion of the population is creating a greater need to help local residents and businesses come together in support of each other.

Whatever your motivation to live in Alfredton or Lucas, it is likely that you desire an understanding of how the community, the people and infrastructure can enhance your health and wellbeing. The Alfredton and Lucas Newsletter is another way of understanding what the community can do for you and maybe what you can do for the community.

One example is the ever-increasing number of businesses that are providing services and products to the local community. Many products and services can be simply purchased locally, without going to other locations throughout Ballarat and Victoria.

Contributors and the newsletter

Being able to easily contribute to the newsletter is essential. Time is at a premium and whether its notifying others of an event or some community activity the newsletter can facilitate community notification. Local groups and non-for-profit organisations can contribute for free. There is a fee for businesses to advertise, but that has been kept to an absolute minimum to encourage participation.

If you would like to contribute to the newsletter please use the form below to make contact.

Volunteer Newsletter Jobs:

Assistant Editor (x2)
Helping with all aspects of design, editing and article checking.

Delivery assistants x (3)
Delivering between 500 and 1000 newsletters every month.

Specialist contributors (x4)
i.e. football clubs/netball clubs/emergency services etc.

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