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Thorny Devil 75LPM Flow Rate Air Compressor


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The Thorny Devil 75LPM Flow Rate Air Compressor is a compact, highly efficient air compressor designed for both hobbyists and professionals requiring a reliable source of compressed air for light to medium tasks. This model, boasting a flow rate of 75 liters per minute (LPM), is ideal for applications such as inflating tires, operating small air tools, and other similar tasks. Its sturdy construction ensures durability, while its lightweight design facilitates easy transportation and storage. This compressor operates at a lower noise level compared to its larger counterparts, making it suitable for residential areas or noise-sensitive environments. The oil-free pump reduces maintenance needs and eliminates the risk of oil spills, making it a cleaner option for indoor use. Safety features include an automatic shut-off system and a pressure relief valve, ensuring operational safety. With a quick-connect air outlet, it offers convenience and ease of use, adaptable to various air tools and accessories. This model is particularly favored by DIY enthusiasts and professionals who need a reliable, easy-to-maneuver compressor for less demanding tasks.


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Thorny Devil

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