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Thorny Devil 160LPM Flow Rate Air Compressor


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The Thorny Devil 160LPM Flow Rate Air Compressor represents a mid-range offering, suitable for both professional and heavy-duty residential use. It delivers a flow rate of 160 liters per minute, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of applications, including running medium-sized air tools, spray painting, and automotive work. This model combines power with portability, featuring a robust design that withstands rigorous use while still being manageable in size and weight. It operates with a higher efficiency motor, ensuring less energy consumption and reduced running costs. The 160LPM model also includes enhanced safety features like thermal overload protection and a reinforced pressure tank to handle the increased output safely. The oil-lubricated pump in this model ensures smoother operation and longevity, although it requires more maintenance compared to oil-free models. Its larger tank capacity allows for longer operation times without the need for frequent restarts, making it suitable for more sustained usage. This model is favored by professionals in automotive repair, construction, and woodworking who require a reliable and powerful air compressor for regular use.


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Thorny Devil

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