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Stanley 36L Direct Drive Air Compressor, 2hp


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Stanley 36L Direct Drive Air Compressor, 2hp – This model is a robust and efficient air compressor designed for a variety of applications. With a 36-liter tank capacity, it provides ample air storage for continuous use in medium-duty tasks. The 2 horsepower motor ensures reliable performance and is capable of delivering up to 115 PSI (pounds per square inch) of pressure, making it suitable for tools such as nail guns, airbrushes, and small sandblasters. The direct drive system in this compressor means fewer moving parts, leading to reduced wear and tear, and ultimately, a longer lifespan for the unit. The oil-free design not only minimizes maintenance but also makes it environmentally friendly and suitable for indoor use. It’s compact and portable, with sturdy wheels and a handle, allowing for easy transportation around a workshop or job site. The noise level is moderately low, making it less disruptive in residential areas or small workshops. The unit includes a pressure gauge and a regulator, providing precise control over air pressure, essential for tasks requiring accuracy. Safety features such as thermal overload protection and a pressure release valve are also integral to the design, ensuring safe operation.


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