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MaxWatt 9kVA Petrol Generator with Electric Start + 2 Wire Auto Start



MaxWatt 9kVA Petrol Generator with Electric Start + 2 Wire Auto Start: This model is a powerful and versatile generator, suitable for heavy-duty applications. It has a 9kVA output capacity, driven by a high-performance petrol engine, which delivers reliable and steady power. The electric start mechanism simplifies the operation, allowing for quick and easy startup. Like its counterpart, it also features the 2-wire auto start system, making it an excellent choice for automatic backup power. The generator is designed to handle high-demand applications, making it ideal for construction sites, large events, or as a backup for commercial settings.

It is equipped with multiple outlets to accommodate various plug types and voltages, enhancing its versatility. The robust construction ensures durability and longevity, even in challenging environments. Safety is a priority with features like circuit breakers and a low-oil shutoff system. The unit also includes a digital display for monitoring performance and maintenance needs. Its large fuel tank ensures extended run times, and the inclusion of wheels and a handle promote easy mobility.

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