One of The Best 7 inch Driving Lights LED driving lights from Hard Korr to produce a wide and even combination beam. With an industry-leading 1 lux at 1,030 metres in front of the vehicle. Because they have a slim design, they are best suited for mounting on vehicles that have mounting surfaces that are particularly narrow. Such as contemporary factory bullbars.

The Hard Korr BZR-X Series driving lights are, without a doubt, the unique set of driving lights that Korr has ever produced. We believe that they are the most advanced form of driving light that anyone has ever devised. Big call? Perhaps, but we don’t consider it to be an incorrect choice!

One of The Best 7 inch Driving Lights

First, Lumileds provides the industry with the highest-quality LED chips currently on the market. Lumileds LEDs are starting to appear in more and more high-end driving lights, and there is a good reason for this. Forget the old debate between OSRAM and CREE and move on to this new one. They are significantly brighter than anything else that we have ever seen. In addition to that, they are very effective in their operation.

Why should we care about this? Good question. Because the LED chips that we use have such a high brightness, our reflector engineers have accomplished what is known as the “holy grail” of driving lights. This accurate combination beam is just as good as what you’ll find in a light bar. It doesn’t compromise the forward distance. Additionally, they are CISPR15 compliant, which indicates that they have undergone third-party testing to validate that they do not cause interference with radio frequencies.

They are the ultimate driving lights for avid explorers, professional drivers, and people who spend a lot of time on country roads. They have a rugged, understated look, integrated daytime running lights (DRL), and robust 4mm 316 stainless steel brackets. These characteristics make them ideal for off-road vehicles.

Specifications of the Product:

Forget everything you know about the beam pattern of led driving lights; they have industry-leading distance and spread in both directions. These “HID-killers” produce great forward distance (1 lux at 1,460m) and a wide. Even flood that is as good as any light bar by utilising ultra-modern Lumileds LED chips, our custom-engineered reflectors. These “HID-killers” are as good as any light bar.

BUILT TO LAST FOR YEARS. AND FINALLY: These lights are serious about their work. The bracket is made of 4mm powder-coated marine-grade stainless steel, and the lens is UV-treated Lexan® polycarbonate. Both of these components are virtually indestructible. A genuine IP68 waterproof rating is achieved using a custom-moulded rubber seal and a light inclosure that is positively sealed.


As an additional safety feature, we have skilfully integrated daytime running lights (DRL) into the inner bezel of all BZR-X Series lights. This was done for a more streamlined appearance. These daytime running lights have a light output 80 per cent higher than the original BZR Series. This means that they will ensure that you are visible in any weather.

WIRING HARNESS & SECURITY BOLTS INCLUDED – Every single set of BZR-X Series LED driving lights ships with everything you require to install the lights on your vehicle successfully. This includes safety bolts and a heavy-duty wiring harness with dual outputs. The harness is resistant to fire, follows the ADR design rules, and has H3 and H4 high-beam piggyback adaptors as standard equipment.