Mr Brakes Bosch Car Service – The importance of Driving Safely

This offer is only available for a short time - from September 2020
This offer is only available for a short time – from September 2020

Mr Brakes- Bosch Car Service -The importance of Driving Safely
In Ballarat we are experiencing more traffic as our population increases, as a result we need to practice defensive driving to keep ourselves safe, whenever we drive, therefore:

  • Always maintain a safe distance between your car and the car in front.
  • Allow at least three seconds gap – time this from a fixed object, such as a post, on the side of the road as the car ahead passes it. Make this a habit.
  • For example: Travelling at 60kph, you will take 25 metres to react to a situation and a further 20 metres braking, taking a total of 45 metres to stop.
  • At 60kph in three seconds we travel 48 metres, so we need all of a 3 seconds gap. More when the road is wet.
  • At 110 kph you would travel 113 metres to stop in an emergency, as we can see a 3 second gap at all times is important to avoid a collision.
  • Another thing to consider, do not let the car behind tailgate you for the same reason, let it pass out of the way
  • Do not sit in the “blind spot” of the car ahead
  • Stopping in this time all depends on the car itself being in good condition, with good brakes, tyres, shock absorbers and a working ABS (Active Brake Assist).
  • Just out of interest, ABS was developed by Robert Bosch in conjunction with Mercedes Benz who were the first car manufacturer to install it on their vehicles back in the 1980’s. They generously offered it to the world and did not restrict it by a patent.
  • Another important part of the car is a clear windscreen which is regarded as a roadworthy item. These can become “sand blasted” and hence become obscure in bright sunlight or rain. They are an inexpensive item to replace and most insurance policies allow one a year. Well worth asking about.
  • In conjunction with this is efficient windscreen wipers.
  • A properly working air-conditioner is also very important to leave on the whole time. This keeps the interior of the car from fogging up.
  •  At Mr Brakes Bosch Car Service, we check all of these items when we service your car.
  • Your vehicles healthy condition is our concern, we do not compromise on safety.

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