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Local advertising opportunities are often the life blood of local business. Those who offer products and services for a specific location sometimes see their marketing strategies treated like “spam”. Local newsletters are a part of the community and provide the community with information about what is going on in their part of the world.

The main aim of the Alfredton and Lucas newsletter is to not only provide information to residents but support community cohesion projects. Some of these can include sports, hobby and other groups.

In the 2016 Census, there were 3913 private dwellings (houses) in Alfredton and Lucas. One just has to look around at the development since that time and realise the number of houses is likely many more than this.

Newsletter printing takes priority

Depending on the amount of support for the newsletter it is anticipated that every house and business in Alfredton and Lucas will receive a newsletter monthly. The priority will always be to fund the printing of the newsletter and other costs will be gradually covered by subscriptions and advertising.

With your first business advertisement, you can contribute information about your business up to half a page for free. This is in addition to your paid advert. Thereafter, businesses can contribute an article every 6 months (conditions apply). The information you provide us will also be listed on www.ballaratsearch.com.au. If you have any questions please let us know.

Advertising fees for Local Businesses:

Business Card size (90mm x 55mm) = $85 inc GST

Quarter page (180mm x 55mm) = $145 inc GST

Half page (180mm x 138mm) = $250 inc GST

Full page (not inside back/front cover) = $550 inc GST

Full Page (inside front or back page) = $750 inc GST


All advertising costs must be paid by the monthly deadline to be included in the newsletter.
Note: Community clubs and groups can advertise or contribute information about their club or group for free.


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