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Finding and purchasing the ideal mower for your gardens and lawns can be a bit of a challenge. We’ll start with walk-behind mowers because they’re one of the most versatile cutting machines available. Often the DIY person needs a little help when attending a lawn mower shop, whether online or offline. We provide buying tips (below) and things to consider when deciding on your purchase.

Like cars, walk-behind mowers can be customized in various ways, adding another layer of complexity and expense to the final product. You can better understand whether the features are helpful by looking carefully at the machines hanging sales tags and-or conversing with the sales staff.



The Drive

You can push a mower, or the mower can be self-propelled, either a front-drive or a rear-drive mower. A mower can also have all-wheel drive, but this option is less common when mowing hills or doing double duty as a mower and bagger. A propel mower will make your life much more straightforward—understanding the value of a self-propelled machine by imagining yourself pushing a fully loaded mower uphill. If you have a choice, purchase a self-propelled mower – from a lawn care person.

Best functions to choose from in the lawn mower shop

Clippings can be mulched by mowers, which means they are cut and recut multiple times, bagged, or discharged to the side or rear of the mower.

A two-function mower is one that both mulches and bags the grass clippings. Mulching is better for the lawn because it puts nitrogen-rich grass clippings back into the soil. Still, it is not very practical for tall-grass conditions in the spring, early summer, or early autumn, when the lawn is recovering from summer stress.

A machine with three functions can bag, mulch, and discharge to the side. Utility mowing benefits from side discharging (mowing areas with tall weeds and non-turf grasses). It is also helpful if the lawn gets out of control and you select the highest setting on the mower to cut the grass in stages. In this case, it is easier to do.



The Baumr-AG Lawn Mower is a 17-inch gasoline-powered, push lawnmower with a four-stroke engine.

Baumr-AG 17-Inch Petrol Push Lawnmower with 4-Stroke Engine 

139cc OHV four-stroke engine is the most powerful in its class and a high-grade steel deck that provides the most reliable durability. The easily maneuverable design measures 17 inches and has a central lever with seven different height settings. Wheels with a larger diameter are easier to roll over uneven ground, and the grass catcher is durable and lightweight.

The 720SX is loaded with impressive features, boasts exceptional quality, and includes a durable steel deck as one of its components. A simple lever pull will give you access to seven different height settings. The conventional “quarter acre block” is essentially nothing more than a pipe dream in today’s world; consequently, the highly maneuverable 17-inch deck that comes standard on the 720SX is an excellent choice for the yards of today and tomorrow.



Cutting Deck Levers (height adjusters): One, two, or four deck levers are grouped. One lever is convenient, but it has many linkages that add weight and must be lubricated. Two-lever mowers have more linkage than a four-lever mower, but they’re easier to adjust. A standard design uses four levers. Two is the most effective without compromising other factors, as mentioned above.



840SX BAUMR-AG Petrol Lawn Mower, 220cc, 20 Inches, 4-Stroke, Self-Propelled

BAUMR-AG 220cc 20-inch 4 Stroke Self-Propelled - 840SX

7-stage centre height adjustment and a self-propelled CrossCut 4 swing blade mechanism. 4-in-1 functionality for comprehensive adaptability and a high-grade steel deck for maximum longevity. An exceptionally agile design, larger wheels, a large catcher, and drink holders are all included.

The 840SX lawn mower is distinguished by its high-quality components, one of which is innovative four-stroke OHV technology. This technology combines a high power output, an easy starting mechanism, and increased efficiency. The air-cooled 220cc engine is mighty and can easily cut through even the hardest buffalo.


The handle may contain the control. The faster the mower moves, the harder you press the handle to drive control. Squeeze the lever to increase ground speed or engage fixed-speed mowers’ drives.  Mowers have three transmission types. Hydrostatic is pricey and smoothest. It propels hydraulic fluid via an impeller that spins a ground-speed output shaft. This is the smoothest, most reliable, and most expensive transmission.

The standard front or rear drive walk mower uses a belt-and-pulley configuration to deliver engine power to a front or rear axle gearbox (or gear at the wheel). Variations of this design perform well and are easy to maintain and repair.



BAUMR-AG 220cc Self-Propelled 4 Stroke Petrol Lawnmower – 780SX

BAUMR-AG Petrol Lawn Mower 220cc 18" 4 Stroke Self Propelled - 780SX

High-precision design and manufacturing resources, backed by the most strict quality control, with over a decade of experience. Now, you can get the best lawn mowers money can buy for a fraction of the usual price.

Among the many high-quality components in the 780SX lawn mower is the innovative four-stroke OHV technology, which provides a powerful output while also being simple to start and efficient. The 220cc air-cooled engine is vast and robust, even when slicing through the toughest buffalo.

Everything you need is included, from the 7-stage height adjustment to the heavy-duty 18″ steel deck, a built-in drink container, and the quick-release folding handles that make this product world-class. The self-propelled design allows for a stroll, while the 4-in-1 functionality allows catching, mulching, direct side discharge, or direct rear discharge.


In recent years, various novel features have been added to lawn mowers to make mowing more convenient or enhance the overall mowing experience. For example, Briggs & Stratton’s tiny petrol engines do not require an oil change. “Just Check and Add” is the name of the functionality. A small quantity of oil evaporates during combustion, so you simply add oil to replenish it.



Vs900 Powerblade Petrol Lawn Mower 20″ 4 Stroke Self Propelled 225cc Lawn Mower.

Vs900 Powerblade Petrol Lawn Mower 20-inch 4 Stroke Self Propelled 225cc Lawn Mower

The self-propelled PowerBlade VS900 makes mowing your lawn a pleasant stroll in the yard – making it easier and more pleasurable to accomplish the things we have to do repeatedly. Strong-quality components, including four-stroke OHV technology that combines high power output with ease of starting and efficiency, are included in the VS900 lawnmower. The roughest buffalo is no match for the 225cc engine’s smooth power and cooling efficiency.

An industry-leading, 225cc 4-stroke, seven-stage central lever height adjustment and four swing blade system. Self-propelled with four-in-one capability and a high-grade steel deck for ultimate sturdiness. The design is highly flexible, allowing the vehicle to be easily maneuvered. Wheels that are too big for the terrain are smooth and grass catcher with considerable size and strength.


An alternative to a 22-inch mower that achieves a faster cutting speed is a wide-cut mower with a deck measuring between 28 and 33 inches. These items, manufactured by Cub Cadet, Toro, Troy-Bilt, and Craftsman, are still relatively uncommon. Even if you like mowing, having the most expansive deck you can afford is essential.


VS550 POWER BLADE 175cc 4 Stroke Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

VS550 POWERBLADE 175cc 4 Stroke Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

One impressive feature of the PowerBlade VS550 is its 175cc air-cooled, 4-stroke OHV engine.

The VS550 sports a fantastic feature set. A durable steel deck and seven height settings are adjusted with a lever push. Most typical Australian sites benefit significantly from the VS550’s very maneuverable 18″ deck.

The Integrated drink holder, steel bumper bar, and quick-release folding handle round out the high level of quality. The self-propelled design makes mowing a breeze, while the 4-in-1 capability allows for catching, mulching, direct side discharge, or direct rear discharge. CrossCut swing blades guarantee a nicely trimmed lawn that your neighbours will also be envious of.


Tips for mowing the lawn

An automatic speed control maintains this factory-set speed setting during operation. If the mower’s engine speed decreases, this could be a sign that the mower is overloaded or that the catcher is already full.

Tips for mowing the lawn (Continued):

Increasing the cutting height or emptying the catcher are some options in addition to cutting a smaller strip or cutting slower. All foreign items, such as rocks, stumps, and garden pegs, excellent and semi-concealed in the ground, should be removed from the lawn. The grass will be ripped up if the blade is dull, whereas a sharp blade would cut smoothly and efficiently. The edges of the blades will turn brown as a result of this. Sharpen or replace the blades if they are no longer cutting cleanly.

Ensure all four wheels are planted firmly on the ground to keep yourself and the mower safe. When mowing uneven or rough ground, be extremely cautious. Always maintain a firm hold on the handlebars. When using a lawnmower, always walk rather than run. Grass should not be cut too short of promoting healthy growth. If you don’t water it as often, your lawn will be healthier and greener for longer. You may prevent matting and graining of the grass by changing your cutting pattern each week.



248cc Self-Propelled Push Button Electric Start 4-in-1 Lawnmower – 890SXe BAUMR-AG 21 Inch

890SXe - BAUMR-AG 21-inch 248cc Self-Propelled 4in1 Lawnmower

A 7-stage central height adjustment mechanism with a push-button electric start. Self-propelled design with 4-in-1 capabilities and a CrossCut 4 swing blade mechanism. High-grade steel deck for ultimate durability and a highly mobile design with Oversized wheels and a large catcher for easy storage and transportation.

Powered by a four-stroke OHV engine that is easy to start and efficient. The 890SXe lawn mower has all the required features. The air-cooled 248cc engine roars to life when you press the electric start button, ready for you to conquer the hardest buffalo.

7-stage central height adjustment, 21″ steel deck, and quick-release folding handle complete the world-class quality package. Direct side discharge or rear discharge can be selected from the four-in-one capabilities.


Spark Plugs need to be checked and serviced.

Pull the spark plug out with a twist when the engine has cooled down. Remove the spark plug from the engine. When cleaning the spark plug, you should use a wire brush. You’ll need a 0.75mm feeler gauge to get this right. By hand, gently insert the spark plug to avoid cross-threading it. Tighten the spanner to compress the washer after the spark plug is in place.


Storage Tip – long term:

Putting Away the Lawnmower for an Extensive Amount of Time It is necessary to perform storage maintenance on the lawnmower before putting it away for more than 15 days if it is going to be put away for storage. If the procedures that follow are skipped, there is a possibility that the lawnmower will not start correctly the next time it is used and that it will require maintenance.

If you have access to a petrol suction pump, you should use that to empty the fuel tank. Start the engine, and run until no gasoline is left in the tank. At the end of each season, you should change the oil. To accomplish this, remove the old engine oil from a heated engine and replace it with new oil. Remove any debris from the housing and the cooling fins of the cylinder. Make sure that the entire machine is cleaned properly so that you can preserve the paint. Place the device in a location that has enough ventilation.