Introducing Local Candidate Bryn Hill

My name is Bryn Hills and I reside in Alfredton where I am married to Alison and am a proud father to Anna and Peggy. I am also fortunate to have Charlie my canine friend as a constant companion. I have worked in State education for 26 years and am currently teaching at Ballarat High School where I have been employed since 1999 in a job that I love. I am standing as an Animal Justice Party endorsed candidate for the Ballarat City council election.

I share the Animal Justice Party core values and timeless principles of; Kindness, Equality, Rationality and Non-violence which is why I am standing as an AJP candidate. It is these qualities that I will use as a lens to make decisions if elected as a councillor.

I believe that all inhabitants of local council areas should be extended kindness and compassion. This includes both animals and people. In doing so, we create an environment that benefits everyone. Community support, both during and post COVID must continue to be a priority for local councils who can greatly contribute to a kinder way of life for all.
A benevolent relationship with the natural world and all its inhabitants is critically important so as to construct a peaceful, inclusive, diverse and functioning society. This is just as important at the local level as it is on a global scale. Indeed, if we are to follow the “think global act local” maxim, it is a necessity.

Ballarat is a wonderful place, which can be made even better by bringing kindness and compassion to residents of all species. I am your local candidate and I will work hard to make that happen.
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