Many tasks can be accomplished with a pressure washer, including a surprising number of applications around the house that you may not have considered. You are going to be astounded by how many different uses they have.  This Guide to buying a pressure washer in Australia should help you decide.

Jet-USA 5000PSI Petrol Powered High Pressure Washer

EdisonsMaking the best tool selection required for the job is very important. There are many different kinds of power washers, each of which is designed to perform a specific task. However, it can be problematic to choose poorly given the sheer number of specifications and features.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know to select the best pressure washer. For your needs with complete self-assurance.


How to Determine Which Pressure Washer Is Right for You

Comparing the different models and understanding the terms is the first step. Thus, find a suitable pressure washer for your needs. After that, you’ll be able to choose the pressure washer grade that’s most appropriate for your needs.

Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI)

PSI is the unit used to measure water pressure. The PSI rating demonstrates the amount of pressure required to eradicate the stain. The greater the strength of the chemical bond, the greater the amount of force that will be required to break it.

Litres Per Minute (LPM)

The amount of water being moved is measured in LPM. The more linear feet per minute a pressure washer has. The more square feet of surface area it can clean in one minute. If Washer A has a rating of 8 LPM and Washer B has a 16 LPM. Washer B will clean twice as quickly because it uses twice as much water every minute. This is because Washer B uses twice as much water as Washer A.

Jet-USA 3800PSI Electric High Pressure Washer

EdisonsWater Temperature

When you upgrade to a professional unit, you’ll have the option to use either hot or warm water. Depending on the substance you’re sanitising, it can significantly affect the quality of the cleaning. There is no shortage of tasks that require the utilisation of hot-water pressure washers.

Water that has not been heated is the default setting for all pressure washers. However, some professional models are designed for and are capable of managing hot water.

Power Sources for Pressure Washers: Electric vs. Petrol-Powered

Which is better? This is a question that is frequently asked of us. It depends on the anticipated project and how you intend to use the final product. With pressure washers, you generally get what you pay for.

Some homeowners prefer pressure washers because they are less complicated to operate, weigh less, and are more convenient to transport. They require no upkeep, can be stored in more constrained quarters. And operate at a lower decibel level than their gas-powered counterparts.

Electric pressure washers aren’t generally designed to be repaired.

However, the average life expectancy of electric pressure washers is only a few hundred hours of operation. This means that the purchase price of some electric pressure washers may be lower than that of other models. Electric pressure washers are intended to be used infrequently and thrown away once they become damaged; they are not designed to be repaired. In addition, they need to be connected to a source of electricity. Their range is limited to the length of the extension cord.

The popularity of petrol-powered pressure washers can be attributed to these machines being more effective, durable, and can be repaired. Almost anything attached to the unit’s metal frame can be fixed or replaced if it breaks. For example, you can simply replace the pump and continue using the unit if a pump breaks. In addition, given that it runs on gasoline, you are free to transport it wherever the job takes you. The majority of semi-pro and professional models are powered by petrol. They can be customised to meet your specific requirements.

Homeowners’ Pressure Washers and Cleaners

To take pride in the appearance of both your home and garden. You do not need to be a professional contractor to do the required work. Consumer-grade pressure washers are available at very reasonable prices and designed for do-it-yourselfers. There are gas-powered and electric models available for your selection.




Jet-USA Petrol-Powered High Pressure Cleaner Washer CX660



In most cases, the engine and pump found in mid-range and entry-level pressure washers are designed for home use. These machines are not intended to be used daily but by homeowners who want to wash their cars once a week. Or perform light periodic maintenance on their driveway, sidewalk, siding, fences, or other areas of their property.

Please consider the essential distinctions between selecting an electric or petrol-powered pressure washer in this category. This decision will significantly influence the kinds of tasks your machine will be able to compete effectively.

Contractors and industry professionals can benefit from using pressure washers.

Semi-professional pressure washers bridge the difference between consumer and professional models. Usually, these units include either a professional pump and a consumer engine or a professional engine and a consumer pump. You will typically get a much higher PSI, with the frames typically made of pro-grade steel. The wheels are usually made from materials that will never flatten.

Semi-professional pressure washers are ideal for individuals. Who view the maintenance of their homes as more than just an mundain chore. They are built to withstand regular use, allowing you to clean to your heart’s content on a routine basis as often as you like. When you reach the semi-professional level, you will begin to have more options for customising your setup. And will have an easier time using attachments and accessories such as soap injectors and surface cleaners.

The semi-pro category of pressure washers provides professional-grade washers at consumer prices. For individuals considering beginning their own pressure washing business. This is also the category that owners of small businesses should think about. If the cost is essential to them and their company is still relatively new, it is experiencing expansion. Suppose a company is already established and has many employees and pressure washers. In that case, the company has likely upgraded to a commercial-grade model pressure washer.

Domestic and Semi-professional pressure washers

Cleaning vehicles, boats, and your other toys will be a breeze with the CX660 Pressure Cleaner. It makes quick work of even the most labour-intensive tasks. Furthermore, like path blasting and deck revitalisation. Because it has its tank, it allows you to add degreaser or car detergent, depending on the task.

The five Pro-tip nozzles included have been put through extensive testing. To ensure that they can withstand intense spray pressure for an extended period. These nozzles make it possible to do everything from light sandstone cleaning to stripping hard surfaces.

Jet-USA 4800PSI Petrol Powered High-Pressure Washer- CX630 Gen II

Jet-USA 4800PSI Petrol Powered High Pressure Washer- CX630 Gen II
🔥 Jet-USA 4800PSI Petrol Powered High-Pressure Washer- CX630 Gen II

EdisonsA specifically designed Axial pump and an imposing seven-horsepower engine. They are just two high-quality components featured in the Jet-USA CX630 Gen II. Innovative technology for four-stroke OHV engines combines high power output with an easy starting process and increased efficiency.

Because of its world-class quality is ideally suited for use by contractors. Who will frequently rely on it for commercial duties? Who looks forward to the satisfaction of knocking over projects with minimal effort.


JET-USA 4800PSI Petrol Powered High-Pressure Washer – CX760 Gen IV

JET-USA 4800PSI Petrol Powered High-Pressure Washer - CX760 Gen IV



You will have no trouble working in any environment thanks to the rugged oversized wheels with no flat spots. The solid yet lightweight tubular frame, the soft-grip handle, and the rubber feet. In addition, it has a compact upright design, and the top handle can be removed. Making it very easy to transport and store.

You will receive a one-of-a-kind drain cleaner nozzle. Which has a retail value of $39 when you purchase this Ultimate Edition CX760 Pressure Cleaner Pack. This model possesses the capacity to keep a high pressure even at this length of hose (10m)! This nozzle made of stainless steel will propel itself down clogged pipes while clearing obstructions as it travels.


Stanley 1885PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Stanley 1885PSI Electric Pressure Washer

An electric pressure washer with 1885 PSI from Stanley, with a warranty of 2 years. Cleaning your concrete driveway, paved areas, car, motorbike, truck, walls, or garden features is a breeze. With the Stanley 1800W 1885PSI Pressure Washer because of its high power and pressure.

It comes complete with a lance, a gun with a trigger, a high-pressure hose measuring 5 metres, and various nozzles. Thanks to both items ‘ onboard holders, the hose and gun can be easily stored and manoeuvred.


Stanley 1740PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Stanley 1740PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Electric Stanley Pressure Washer with 1740 PSI and a Warranty of Two Years. Cleaning concrete, paved areas, cars, motorbike, trucks, walls, or garden features is a breeze. With the Stanley 1600W 1740PSI Pressure Washer because of its high power and pressure.

It comes with a heavy-duty hose that is five metres long.  With a lance, a gun with a trigger, and various nozzles. Thanks to both items ‘ onboard holders, the hose and gun can be easily stored and manoeuvred.


Powershot PS3395 Petrol Kohler Pressure Washer 3300PSI

Powershot PS3395 Petrol Kohler Pressure Washer 3300PSI

The Powershot PS3395 is a Petrol Kohler Pressure Washer with a 3300 PSI output. Produced in the United States, with a warranty of one year.

The PS3395 was explicitly designed with you in mind while manufactured. Powered by a heavy-duty SH265 Kohler engine and equipped with the most recent generation of Powerboost technology. With 3300 psi at your disposal and the AAA brass head axial pump. This machine will see you through the challenging cleaning tasks you face at home. Or in lighter commercial and industrial settings. In general, this is a cleaning machine of high quality and a reasonable price. That performs at home and works for a significant amount of time in the future.



Crommelins Robin 3200PSI Pressure Washer 9hp

Guide to buying a pressure washer in australia

The Crommelins 3200psi Pressure Washer has a Robin engine that produces 9.0 horsepower. It is intended for use in larger domestic projects and in commercial and agricultural settings. This sturdy washer has a maximum flow rate of 14 litres per minute. Complete with four spray nozzles and a steel lance.

Crommelin’s excellent backup and national support network are included. A product warranty for two years. As a result of its remarkable adaptability, the pressure washer is portable and long-lasting. Still, it is an all-around popular choice for large domestic and medium-sized commercial cleaning requirements.