Customers looking to purchase Farm Machinery and portable equipment are not all the same. They could be homeowners working on the weekends, a small concrete firm, or a large international corporation with equipment fleets. A buyer’s goal in each scenario is to find the apparatus that will do a task most effectively. The following are some factors to take into account when analyzing the equipment:

The dimensions of the machine and its settings

After deciding to operate on a smaller scale, there are still other choices. If what needs to be done is lifting, then the question becomes how high. If digging a ditch is part of the work description, how broad, how deep, and how long will the hole be? And if you’re trenching for the whole day, would you rather sit or stand the whole time? Do you require a trencher, or is an excavator more your speed? Is an articulated machine required for working in confined spaces? A track loader may be a solution if the ground is soft. Are you shovelling snow? A wheeled skid steer accomplishes it better. Have a few different jobs in mind? Consider ties and bonds. Decisions, decisions….



Support from the manufacturer and a warranty

The production of smaller machinery requires significantly less investment than the construction of larger machines, such as the size of a house. As a result, even very modest businesses may compete. If a small or mini machine suffers a catastrophic failure, purchasers should consider the level of support provided by the machine’s maker or dealer. A “good deal” may be a “poor deal” if an engine fails, an undercarriage fails regularly, or a hydraulic system leaks consistently. A helpful retailer and an unbreakable guarantee from the manufacturer are two ways to protect yourself from an occurrence like this.

Both new and used

How much would this brand new computer set you back? That is the crux of the matter. A new model of the same track loader will cost more than the same model when purchased and used. Whether or not a machine will be used for production work or simply as a supporting role is one that a buyer ought to consider. The latter is an excellent choice for used pieces of machinery. The rest of the narrative focuses on providing support. Warranties are typically included with brand newmachines. On the other hand, a machine part of a rental fleet will have detailed maintenance records, sometimes serving as the equivalent of a guarantee. Be sure to shop carefully and intelligently.

Small farming equipment and tips.

Below are several farming and general equipment tips to help when purchasing decisions. Whether a hobby farmer or a large open farm, the guide is for you.



Commercial Petrol Tree Stump Grinder BAUMR-AG 15HP

Commercial Petrol Tree Stump Grinder BAUMR-AG 15HP

Carbide-tipped teeth on a Ducar 15HP commercial 4-stroke gasoline engine ensure long service life. A cutting-edge centrifugal clutch mechanism that can grind stumps down to a depth of 300 millimetres (12 inches). Triple V-belt drive system and standard consumables and spare components. Shipped in a heavy-duty container with a locking throttle and an incorporated dead man’s handle.

The iconic 15HP Commercial-grade Ducar Engine is at its core, making it easy to start and reliable. There are 12 readily replaceable mining-grade carbide tipped steel teeth on the premium triple ribbed v belt, delivering substantial power output at speeds up to 4000rpm! Baumr-innovative AG’s centrifugal clutch system is the most crucial addition, a vital component that many cost-cutting rivals neglect. The clutch system protects the engine’s crankshaft and other pricey components.


The ability to conceal is one of the benefits and negatives of compactness. Even the most cursory investigation can be irritating when processes and systems are securely tucked away in small areas. On the other hand, buyers should look for abuse or neglect symptoms. Things to keep an eye on:
Hydraulic systems – enable small devices to execute large-scale operations. Skid steers, mini-excavators, and other tiny machines benefit significantly from the oil’s performance multiplier. Watching for leaks in the hydraulic system is critical. Oil residue on the frame is a telltale sign of persistent leakage. Inspecting the machine can show defective seals and a pump that needs repair.



4-Stroke Petrol Tiller Baumr-AG 150cc Cultivator

Baumr-AG 150cc 4-Stroke Garden Rototiller

Featuring a Powerful 150cc 4-stroke motor with detachable side disc guides in addition to a warranty that lasts for 2 years. Tilling depth can be adjusted up to 130 mm, and tilling breadth can be adjusted between 360 and 560 mm. There are six staggered tines, a transport wheel that folds to be 6″ in diameter, ergonomic handles, and a throttle. A Deadman’s clutch has a steel bumper bar and a large blade shield. The CDI ignition ensures a quick and easy start.


The BT-889 Rototiller, which weighs in at a dry weight of 28 kilograms, provides an optimal balance of power and maneuverability. You may cultivate the soil around plants, garden beds, and walks without causing damage to them by attaching the guide discs supplied to the cultivator without needing additional tools. Because it has six sets of high-tensile steel tines and can switch between a width of 360 millimetres and 560 millimetres, you will only need to make one pass through your soil to grind it for improved growth and preparation finely.




The rapid release pin enables a speedy adjustment of up to 130 millimetres in depth to meet your requirements most effectively. The premium rubber tread wheel may be rapidly moved underneath the BT-889 lawn tiller to make it more portable and easy to move to where it is needed.


Inspection Tip Continued:

Major moving parts: A problematic trencher does not have a bar and chain that operates efficiently. The same can be said for a small articulated loader that has a rumbling hinge joint or a compact excavator that rotates haltingly on its base. Both of these machines fall under this category. For a piece of machinery to be of any use, the components vital to the machine’s operation must be in complete working order. It is possible to replace less critical components, such as faulty cab doors or quick-attach units that have seen better days. The most critical aspects are different things.



Post Hole Digger 88CC Posthole Earth Auger by Baumr-AG

Baumr-AG 88CC Posthole Auger Fence Borer Petrol Drill Bit

A more robust gearbox is top-mounted and a durable motor casing housing an 88cc Baumr-AG motor. Included in the package is a drill with a length of 80 centimetres measuring 10 centimetres, 20 centimetres, and 30 centimetres, as well as four extension shafts measuring 60 centimetres each. 1 or 2 people can operate this machine, and it has an anti-vibration handle and an easy start button. The petrol tank is easy to fill, and despite its negligible weight, it has a high torque.

This digger is part of Bauer’s most recent series and includes our exclusive high output 88cc powerhouse. This powerhouse offers more horsepower than the outmoded 90cc engines it replaces and maintains the pace of your auger thanks to its one-of-a-kind hi-torque design. The pro-series can readily meet your demands for digging in commercial and industrial settings! The vehicle’s longevity and dependability are unparalleled through the utilization of this one-of-a-kind combination, a full-size commercial straight drive, a significant capacity gasoline tank, and a high tensile gear set. It’s time to toss out that old shovel and become an expert at digging holes.

Tips Continued:

Undercarriage – When everything depends on one thing, that “something” needs to have unwavering dependability. Undercarriages for tracks function in the same manner. If a piece of machinery cannot be moved, it is merely a stationary piece of iron. Therefore, the tracks and any auxiliary elements that go along with them, such as tensioners, sprockets, and a suspension system (if there is one), should be in generally good condition. An indication that the overall maintenance has been neglected is excessive wear on one or more components. Keep an eye out for a vehicle that has a solid undercarriage.



4-Stroke Pile Star Picket Rammer Fence builder by Baumr-AG (Petrol)

Baumr-AG 4-Stroke Petrol Post Driver Picket Rammer

It is designed to drive stakes, pegs, and posts up to 80 millimetres in diameter solidly into the ground and is powered by a 4-stroke gasoline engine that is the best in its class. It has a hammering pin that has been toughened and can achieve impact frequencies of up to 2300 BPM.

This machinery features ergonomically sound dual handles that include vibration-absorbing springs and pliable rubber grips to reduce user fatigue. Interlocking controls, including a throttle lock, kill switch, throttle trigger, and throttle adjuster, are included, putting everything you need within easy reach. There are three post guide sleeves included in the package: a 20-45mm, a 55mm, and an 80mm. The 20-45mm and 55mm sleeves fit star pickets, while the 80mm sleeve fits pipes, stakes, and round posts.

Tips Continued:

Strictly aligned limbs – The hinged booms of compact excavators allow them to slice, dig, and load material. Trenchers use revolving chains mounted on an extended bar to dig narrow ditches. Lift arm attachments on track loaders allow them to perform various tasks. Stresses can be applied to any or all of these limbs. Find out visually and live if the arms or booms have been bent, cracked, or misaligned. That’s a bad sign.

System of electric power – A machine’s electrical system will likely be in good shape unless it is pretty ancient. Frayed or exposed cables, rusted battery posts, loose and burned electrical components, wires dangling from the frame, and so on are all indications of an unsafe system. An unstable electrical system will lower the value of a machine if these components are not adequately maintained.



Tow-Behind Broadcast Seed and Fertilizer Spreader by PLANTCRAFT, with 105 litres and 90 kilograms capacity.

PLANTCRAFT 90kg 105L Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

With a capacity of 90 kilograms, this spreader’s hopper is adaptable to a wide variety of spreading materials and features a control lever for the flow of material. The Quad-Blade Impeller comes with a Hopper Screen, an Ultra-Durable Poly Hopper, and a BONUS UV-Stabilized Rain Cover. Pneumatic tires measuring 14 inches and a universally pinned tow hitch. The amount of assembly necessary is kept to a minimum.

The four-blade impeller guarantees a smooth broadcast, and the handy flow control lever makes it possible to make super-convenient adjustments to the material output while you’re moving; all you have to do is shift the handle. In addition, the Plantcraft spreader is built to withstand the blows typically associated with traversing rugged terrain. Its sturdy 14-inch pneumatic tires will allow you to travel to the most remote areas of your land. A UV-stabilized rain cover is also included as a BONUS, which means that you can still go out and plant seeds even if the weather has turned nasty.

Plantcraft spreaders, as you probably understand by now after reading thus far, are designed to make the lives of farmers and owners of rural property much less complicated. It is undoubtedly the most logical solution to the problem of seed and fertilizer distribution.


To sit or to stand – Confronting you at the crossroads of tiny and compact or to go larger is a difficult question: which configuration will serve your needs most effectively? There is a possibility that a substantial stand-on trencher will be adequate for the work, but the sit-down operator’s platform on a compact trencher can significantly boost productivity. What should I buy? When choosing between a sizeable ride-on machine and a model that requires the user to sit down, the larger machine is almost always the superior option. It provides the possibility of greater versatility and productivity and a higher resale value in the event you decide to trade up.



Baumr-AG 9HP Towable Backhoe with Petrol Excavator Featuring a 4-Stroke Hydraulic Bucket

Baumr-9HP Towable Petrol Excavator with Hydraulic Bucket

The Baumr-AG BH620 is a backhoe that runs on gasoline and is ready to tackle nearly any job you throw at it. The hydraulic controls are in the form of a joystick, which makes them very easy to use. As a result, you will have both precision and power at your fingertips. Because of the design of the encompassing curved boom, which prevents soil from sliding back into the hole, you can dig deeper without worrying about causing damage to your machine. The digging ability, along with a depth of 7 feet and an 8-foot reach, does a job like landscaping, excavation, and trenching much more straightforward than they would otherwise be.



The BH620 has a 9-horsepower four-stroke motor and three robust hydraulic cylinders that control the boom to ensure strong and constant movement through the 120-degree bucket swing. HoseGuardTM has been used to encase our hydraulic hoses completely. This one-of-a-kind spiral system ensures that the hoses maintain their shape to prevent interference with the controls or the operation and provide an additional layer of safety.

Additional stability

The legs of the outrigger stabilizers make it possible to expand the centre of gravity, which provides additional stability. Additionally, the legs are simple to remove and may be adjusted vertically for transport. Towing it around is simple by using your vehicle, quad bike, or tractor as long as it has a capacity of at least 1600 kilograms. The pneumatic tires measuring 16 inches will easily navigate any rugged terrain to get to your work location.


Dealer support – Because of the critical task it accomplishes, compact and tiny equipment needs robust support systems. Its smaller engines and lighter dimensioned tools are overstressed compared to those of a larger piece of equipment while executing the same duty as the smaller piece of equipment. This is why it sometimes needs more support than more significant pieces of equipment. What type of guarantee does the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) offer on the engine and components of that mini-excavator? How responsive is the local dealership maintaining the machine, and how well trained are its employees? When shopping, keep customer service and assistance in mind.



BAUMR-AG is a Motorized Ride On Tracked Wheelbarrow

Dumper that has a capacity of 500kg and is powered by a 10HP Briggs & Stratton Petrol Engine (BPR1000)

BAUMR-AG Ride-On Tracked Wheelbarrow Dumper

Powerful 306CC 10HP Briggs & Stratton engine with a maximum load capacity of 500kg and a shovel load capacity of 210l/80kg. Equipped with two speeds, forwards and backward, and a three-road wheel track design for improved traction and stability. It allows for easy access to most job sites and comes equipped with skid steering with a zero-turn radius. It is simple to load and unload, making it an excellent choice for moving gravel, sand, and dirt. Designed to go anywhere with tracked drive and a robust powder-coated steel finish. 80 centimetres in breadth to facilitate access to any work site, and Simple to get going and uncomplicated to use. Unloading was handled by a single individual, who also managed the parking brake lever.


The 10-horsepower engine is paired with an automatic hydrostatic transmission that provides two speeds in both the forward and reverse directions. Quick and secure transportation is guaranteed by a top speed of 5 kilometres per hour in both forwards and reverse, while the variable speed preserves maximum control. This powerful equipment can travel rapidly and effectively throughout your property or worksite with loads of up to 500 kilograms when fully loaded. The convenient and dependable parking brake is operated via a lever for your convenience.




The BPR1000 comes equipped with a powered shovel that can load itself. Has dual hydraulic pistons for stability, and boasts an incredible 80 kilograms of lifting capacity. The capacity of 500 kg is easily managed by the single piston and dual pivot dumper. The one-person operation may be quickly learned and mastered, contributing to increased productivity and cost-effectiveness. Sand, soil, cement, and other bulk materials will be loaded into your vehicle as quickly as possible.

The heavy steel dump bucket powder coating provides additional protection against corrosion. It is powered hydraulically, which ensures a smooth and consistent operation. The 210-liter powered loading shovel uses the same hardy steel and abrasion-resistant powder coating as the dump body. In addition to the driving sprocket and the return wheel, the road wheels include three spokes each, which helps to reduce the amount of wear on the tread and provides more stability over rugged terrain. The BPR1000 makes light work of the process of transporting your materials.


Be wary of committing to a single brand – there is a significant difference between devotion to a manufacturer and allegiance to other professional organizations. No unique sense of camaraderie exists in the working world on “game days.” Dealers are thrilled to have you on their “team.” Still, the foundation of their relationship with you is based on money rather than fleeting moments of sporting achievement. Therefore, prioritize deals over brand names. Investigate products from a variety of manufacturers. Put your preference aside and give at least one more a shot, even if, for instance, how a particular brand’s products are typically handled is something that appeals to you. There is a vast array of high-quality goods available on the market nowadays.



The Baumr-AG Motorized Tracked Wheelbarrow Dumper can carry up to 500 kilograms.

Baumr-AG Motorized Tracked Wheelbarrow Dumper, 500kg Capacity

A single drive controls the Powerful BPR980. And the deadman clutch ensures that loading and unloading are carried out in a manner that is both secure and productive. This motorized track barrow has skid steering that rotates 360 degrees, allowing it to turn on a dime. The low centre of gravity also guarantees that it is both maneuverable and stable. Because it has a ground clearance of 70 millimetres, it can traverse challenging terrain on construction sites. This powerful tiny petrol power dumper can readily reach any site and fit into tight spots that are larger. More expensive machinery can’t. With a width of only 73 centimetres and the ability to climb an incline of 20 degrees, it is just 73 centimetres wide. This tiny crawling dumper is the tool you need to get the job done, whether you’re in the business of civil engineering, agriculture, commercial or residential landscaping.


You may be confident of having accurate control with full loads of up to 500 kilograms if you have a heavy-duty hydrostatic transmission that provides three forward speeds and a backward gear. Thanks to its torquey design, your yard or worksite may be traversed fast and easily with this gasoline-powered wheelbarrow. When working with huge loads, the BPR980 powered can travel greater distances at a productive speed of 3.5 kilometres per hour.


The BPR980 Site Series tracked barrow can be loaded and unloaded by a single operator. Renting comparable machinery might range from tens to hundreds of dollars daily. The BPR980 is an investment that will make your work environment safer, enhance productivity, and helps you increase productivity.


Construction techniques for small and large contractors have been revolutionized by introducing mini and compact construction equipment. Introducing smaller machines has ushered in new productivity paradigms for larger fleets. The ability to self-perform tasks previously outsourced to third parties benefits individuals and smaller organizations.

These small pieces of equipment are continuing to advance and now have robotic features. This will continue to encourage the development of new applications. The widespread availability of the equipment also means that consumers have a wide selection of pre-owned units from which to select.