Summary of an Effective COVID-19 Business Plan

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has got many corporate leaders thinking about the steps they can combat the severe shocks their businesses had to face, reshape their business, and plan for recovery. For a new business to make its way into the market and the existing businesses to survive and thrive, some significant changes in the business plan are required. Wondering what would an effective COVID plan Australia would look like? Experts say the key to survival is to

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Benefits of Raising Backyard Chickens

Having chickens at home has many advantages, and especially when you live in a city. These pets, which are quite easy to raise, bring a bit of nature to the urban world. Chickens also play a very ecological role when it comes to recycling waste. Obviously, the advantage, far from being negligible, of raising backyard chickens, is the assurance of eating organic, healthy, and always fresh eggs. Also, having chickens in your garden is also a great school

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Mr Brakes – Bosch Car Service – The importance of Driving Safely

In Ballarat we are experiencing more traffic as our population increases, as a result we need to practice defensive driving to keep ourselves safe, whenever we drive, therefore: Always maintain a safe distance between your car and the car in front. Allow at least three seconds gap – time this from a fixed object, such as a post, on the side of the road as the car ahead passes it. Make this a habit. For example: Travelling at

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Introducing Local Candidate Bryn Hill

My name is Bryn Hills and I reside in Alfredton where I am married to Alison and am a proud father to Anna and Peggy. I am also fortunate to have Charlie my canine friend as a constant companion. I have worked in State education for 26 years and am currently teaching at Ballarat High School where I have been employed since 1999 in a job that I love. I am standing as an Animal Justice Party endorsed

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Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia

Author: Bill Brady We are members of the CMCA, Campervan & Motor home Club of Australia, and enjoy the many benefits of this not-for-profit organisation, whose only aim is to improve the use and enjoyment of our vehicles throughout Australia. The Club has over 35.000 member RV's, and works with all Government agencies to increase our available facilities. Ballarat District has the highest owner percentage of any area. Our local Chapter meet on the third weekend of each

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How to Contribute to the Newsletter

Contributing to the Alfredton and Lucas Newsletter - Submit Below. Any local resident or business can contribute to the newsletter. There are no fees (ever) for residents, clubs and groups or not for profit organisations. The only requirement is that the information is local. Also, businesses can advertise for a small fee which will go to the establishment and sustainability of the newsletter. When you submit your content we will review the content and

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Share and Collaborate

The cornerstone of all communities are the people. Thus, providing opportunities to grow, socialise and work is very important. Alfredton and Lucas are no different and the rapid expansion of the population is creating a greater need to help local residents and businesses come together in support of each other.Whatever your motivation to live in Alfredton or Lucas, it is likely that you desire an understanding of how the community, the people and infrastructure can

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