Alfredton Rotary Caring for our Environment.

Not only have the members of Alfredton Rotary initiated the development of the Rotary Park alongside Mullawallah Wetlands,. We are also sending nesting boxes to the fire ravaged regions in Gippsland. Residents of Mercy Aged Care in Ballarat have provided the skill and muscle power to build the boxes and Alfredton Rotary has provided the Materials and the plans for the Boxes. We will also co-ordinate the boxes to be delivered to the Bush Fire affected area’s to

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About the Alfredton and Lucas Newsletter?

While taking a look at Google street view, of Dyson drive, a couple of days ago. I noticed there were still pictures featuring paddocks from a decade ago. Many street view images had since been updated, but these few I saw had not. The specific location was on the corner of Scarborough Crescent. This photo allowed reflection on what Alfredton and Lucas was like only a few short years ago. How the housing and

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