Suppose you will be parking your vehicle for an extended period or using a caravan or trailer. In that case, you should probably think about purchasing a wheel clamp to increase the protection afforded to your vehicle. The best wheel clamp (Australia) available has the potential to be an excellent security device, serving both as a visual deterrent and as a natural preventative measure. However, you must make sure that your purchase the appropriate clamp for your requirements.

Hopefully, this article will provide you with all the knowledge you require to purchase with complete self-assurance. Before we continue, it is essential to point out that since 2012, clamps as a form of punishment and the operation of private parking lots have been primarily outlawed. Operate a private parking lot or are considering using a clamp as a form of punishment. You should be aware of this fact.


Even though the appearance of any clamp can serve as a visual deterrent to some extent. The clamp you choose should be of high quality if you have the misfortune of coming into contact with a primarily determined thief. Keep an eye out for a combination of sturdy components and reliable building practices.

Ease of operation

Suppose you only clamp your vehicle in long-term parking, or you only use it occasionally. If you are only clamping your vehicle because it is in long-term parking or you only use it very occasionally. In that case, you might want to sacrifice ease of use for more robust construction. You might want to sacrifice ease of use for more robust construction and excellent wheel coverage. Therefore, a more oversized clamp that completely hides all wheel nuts might be a good option for you.

In contrast, if you will be on the road for an extended period – for example, on a touring holiday – or are likely to make a few stops with your caravan or trailer. You will want to emphasise how easy it is to use the clamp, as you will be attaching and detaching it a great deal more often.

For this purpose, simpler models are available. Because they can be quickly deployed and removed. They are very well suited for use during the short-term parking required at motorway services. For the more extended periods required once you have arrived at your destination.


Because there is such a wide range of wheel and tyre sizes on the roads, you need to ensure that the clamp you purchase is suitable for your requirements. It must cover at least one wheel nut, ideally more or all of them, and it must be the appropriate size (diameter and depth).

Most of the current wheel clamp models are adjustable; therefore, you must check that the advertised range corresponds to your wheel.

Finally, take into consideration how heavy the clamp is. It is generally accepted that a heavier clamp offers a higher level of protection. However, it can quickly become inconvenient if you have trouble lifting and positioning it in the appropriate location.

Buyers Guide:

Nemesis Wheel Clamp V3
Nemesis Wheel Clamp V3

Nemesis Wheel Clamp V3

You have just completed a six-month project to transform a school bus into the ideal motorhome. You may have even spent an entire year restoring a vintage caravan in preparation for a trip around Australia. When you go outside the following day, it is no longer there. This painful experience is all too familiar for some unlucky campers, so we cannot recommend the Nemesis Wheel Clamp highly enough. 

The unfortunate reality is that some people in this world make a living off of the misfortunes of others. There has been such an increase in domestic and regional travel. The unfortunate truth is that people in the world steal things.

Personal and general safety is the key to life on the road.

Place the same level of emphasis on safety that we do. You should make sure that you purchase a wheel clamp that is impossible to break through. This Lowe and Fletcher product is a 9-lever barrel lock resistant to picking, drilling, and gas freezing. It is resistant to cutting and drilling due to the specially hardened steel it is made from. 

The company has manufactured it. The Nemesis Wheel Clamp can be used on steel and alloy wheels, regardless of driving on or off the road. Compatible with wheels up to 17 inches in diameter and tyres with cross-sections up to 275 millimetres. Now includes three spare keys, each of which can be cut to any standard by a qualified key cutter, giving you added peace of mind.



Alarmed T-Trailer Lock and Clamp
KOVIX KTR-18 Bundle Contains an Alarmed T-Trailer Lock and Clamp

KOVIX KTR-18 Bundle Contains an Alarmed T-Trailer Lock and Clamp

This one-of-a-kind trailer lock with an alarm is the best possible deterrent for would-be thieves because it provides maximum protection. Heavy-duty 304-grade stainless steel is used to construct the alarmed trailer lock designed by Kovix Australia and sold under the KTR-18 brand name. This ultra-strong trailer lock is resistant to impact, drilling, and cutting. It has an 18mm pin protected by a sleeve that prevents cutting.

The alarm on this smart lock can be turned on or off, and it is activated by a motion sensor that sounds a 120dB alarm for ten seconds before turning itself off. Because the lock is protected against rust and its electronic components are resistant to water, it can be left exposed to the elements. The KTR-18 is as adaptable and versatile as it is intelligent. It was designed to be compatible with standard 50mm ball hitches, Off-Road DO35, and Treg-style block hitches.


Weatherproof Electronics that are also Resistant to Drilling and Anti-Impact (IP67). Detachable Ball That Can Be Used With a Wide Variety of Hitch Types (100mm x 155mm x 35mm – Inside W 80mm). Built-in Loud Alarm – Has a volume of 120 dB – Comes with a lithium battery that has a long life – Has a double-pin locking mechanism.

Wheel Clamp

This wheel clamp may appear to be very similar to a significant number of others that are currently available on the market. Still, in reality, it is pretty distinct. Because of its one-of-a-kind design, it can accommodate wheel tread widths ranging from 155 millimetres up to 265 millimetres. Because of this wide range of adjustments, the wheel lock can accommodate everything from compact boat trailers to large four-wheel-drive vehicles, RV motorhomes, and caravans.



Purple Line Anti-Theft Device 

Purple Line Anti-Theft Device

The new Security Kit combines a hitch lock and wheel clamp that makes life harder for thieves while making life easier for honest caravan owners. The Complete Security Kit is available now. This space-saving and simple to operate kit include the Samurai wheel clamp and the Saracen hitch lock. They are all keyed the same for your convenience. They come in a compact carry bag that is simple to stow away when you are on the go. Both units have the robust 7-pin locking mechanism and metal construction hallmarks of the Purple Line brand.

Specifications of the Product:

Samurai Universal Wheel Clamp:

• Extremely easy to use and instal, in addition to being extremely compact. • Suitable for both on-road and off-road wheels; accommodates tyre widths ranging from 145 to 275 millimetres.

Hitch Lock for Caravans and Trailers Made by Saracen:

• High-security hitch lock • Easy and quick installation • Compatible with standard 50mm Australian ball hitches • High-strength composite materials construction