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For those who find the thought of raking leaves and cleaning up grass cuttings tedious, a leaf blower may be the answer! Autumn leaves may be a big nuisance when it’s time to clean up your yard. If you want to save time mowing the lawn but don’t want to break the bank, consider buying a leaf blower. We don’t claim any of the leaf blowers are the best leaf blower Australia, but for most, they will perform well for a long time.

In most cases, you’ll never get rid of your leaf rake. You may, however, get rid of leaves and other yard trash such as small sticks, mud, and debris with a strong leaf blower.

Purchasing Considerations for a Leaf Blower

First things first, take stock of the particulars of your position. How big of a yard do you have, and how many leaves do you have to rake away every autumn as part of your yard cleanup? How easily do you become annoyed by loud noises? And how strained is your financial situation? Find a good quality leaf blower for your yard by considering the answers to the following questions.

There are two different methods to classify leaf blowers: the form factor, which refers to how they are carried, and the fuel type, which describes how they are powered. Let’s start by taking a look at the form factor.



Handheld Blowers for the Leaves

Most homeowners choose to use handheld leaf blowers for their yard work. These self-contained tiny blowers are an excellent option for less significant tasks.

Backpack-style blowers for the leaves

When using a backpack leaf blower, the blower tube is held in one hand while the motor is carried on the shoulder using a shoulder harness. These models are typically more potent than handheld leaf blowers, and the harness that comes with them makes them relatively comfortable. They are an excellent choice for use over extended periods.

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Leaf Blower Electric Handheld Garden Tool 20V Lithium Cordless Leaf Blower by Baumr-AG SYNC

Baumr-AG SYNC Cordless Leaf Blower 20V

Powerful 20V Lithium-ion battery with charger for one-handed operation.
Use the 5-Speed Blowing Capacity of the Blower to remove leaves and grass quickly. Ultra-Compact Power Source with a Well-Balanced Blower for Efficient Performance with a Simple and Easy Start There are Rubber Over Moulded Handles, which ensures there is no mess, fumes, or fuelling up of the device. Baumr-AG SYNC batteries are compatible with these batteries.

The SYNC series BL3 Lithium Leaf Blower from Baumr-AG continues the company’s tradition of introducing cutting-edge gardening tools. High-velocity clearing power can be achieved using the Baumr-AG series, which has the power to do so. This cordless tool, which runs on a 20-volt lithium-ion battery, provides the solution you need to control the outdoors without releasing toxic gases into the air. The SYNC line’s models can all be powered by the same 20V lithium battery, which is a bonus.



Petrol-Powered Leaf Blower –  The most effective instrument for clearing away fallen leaves are blowers that are petrol powered. However, they are also the noisiest and require the most upkeep of any of the options.



Two-Stroke MTM Petrol Leaf Blower 26CC Hand Garden Yard Outdoor Two

MTM 26CC 2-Stroke Petrol Leaf Blower Garden Yard Outdoor

Clearing up leaf litter and debris can be backbreaking and time-consuming. On the other hand, doing so is a piece of cake when utilizing an MTM blower. It travels at a speed of 270 kilometres per hour and is also so lightweight that it will operate with only one hand. This should put your mind at ease. Your time spent gardening will be far less taxing due to this fact. Therefore, to begin appreciating more free time, place your order for an MTM blower immediately.

The brand-new MTM 26cc Petrol Blower is now available to purchase! Because of its lightweight construction, it is a breeze for anyone to use, and it was designed expressly for excellent maneuverability and maximum speed. Suppose your existing blower is less potent than a newborn kitten, and you can rake more quickly. The most recent MTM series packs some significant punch and provides a solution for high-velocity clearing power that works.



Leaf Blower Without a Cord (Battery Powered) – Cordless electric blowers give users the freedom to work without being tethered to a chord, and more recent versions produce competitive power with low- to mid-range petrol blowers. The larger batteries contribute to an increase in weight. Because the lifespan of a battery varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, clearing a big yard may need many battery swaps. Before buying, ensure you know how long the battery will last.



3-in-1 Leaf Blower Vacuum Mulcher by BAUMR-AG Petrol Hand-Held

BAUMR-AG Petrol Hand-Held 3-in-1 Leaf Blower Vacuum Mulcher

The powerful 1.0HP 24cc full-crank 2-stroke motor comes with this 3-in-1 leaf blower, vacuum, and mulcher. Dedicated Blower and Vacuum Nozzles that are compliant with the demanding EuroV standard. A blowing speed of 322 kilometres per hour and a vac volume of 320 cubic feet per minute, all while being lightweight and operable with one hand. In addition, it has an 11:1 reduction ratio, a QuadShredTM impeller, and a generous 50-litre shoulder bag with a wide zipper. Comfort is ensured with a soft grip and Cruise Control.

The Real Deal in Power

With the innovative flat twin wedge nozzle, which can blast garbage at up to 322 kilometres per hour, you can quickly get the job done with excellent results. With the wide throat vacuum nozzle attached, which has a capacity of 320 cubic feet per minute, you will be able to clear a path that is pleasantly tidy on the very first pass.

A capacity that is quite remarkable

Because the galvanized impeller of the QuadShredTM mulcher shreds leaves and light vegetation to such a fine consistency, you can fit 11 times as much into the huge shoulder strap bag that holds 50 litres. In addition, the full-length zipper makes emptying the bag a breeze and saves a lot of time.



Look for a blower that fits comfortably in your hand, feels balanced when you use it and is easy to move and adjust. Functions such as the speed control and the shutdown switch should be conveniently located and, ideally, operable with only one hand.


A Commercial 2-Stroke Garden Yard Tool in a 65CC Petrol Backpack

A Commercial 2-Stroke Garden Yard Tool in a 65CC Petrol Backpack

Lightweight, ergonomic design with two interchangeable nozzles and commercial 65cc two-stroke petrol engine. Thickly cushioned shoulder straps and a vented back support hold anti-vibration rubber mounts in place. 0.8L fuel tank, Cruise control switch, and Super flexible outlet are all included in the package price.

Using the MTM BPX735 II Petrol Backpack Blower, you can quickly get the job done thanks to its 65cc of power and 490km/h air velocity. As a result of its power and speed, it is 20% more efficient than other models now on the market. Its ergonomic design includes generously padded shoulder straps, anti-vibration rubber mounts, and ventilated back support for all-day fatigue-free labour. In addition to the cruise control button, the ultra-flexible air outlet provides maximum reach. The 0.8L fuel tank allows you to complete the task for more extended periods before refuelling.



Upkeep of a Leaf Blower – Low-maintenance electric blowers are easy to operate. Identify dirt buildup on the air intake and clean them with a damp cloth. If you use a mulcher, clear out the bag and blower of minute leaf particles. Every year or so, Petrol-powered blowers need a tune-up, and you’ll need a fuel supply. Because two-stroke engines require a petrol/oil mix, you’ll either have to make your own or buy it already prepared.



Backpack Petrol Leaf Blower 2 Stroke MTM 30CC Garden Yard Commercial Gardening

MTM 30CC Backpack Petrol Leaf Blower 2 Stroke Commercial

One must put in a lot of physical effort to eliminate leaf litter and other trash. The MTM backpack blower, on the other hand, makes it look easy. With a top speed of 300 kph, the MTM is not only fast but also lightweight and pleasant to use with just one hand. To make your gardening tasks a little easier, purchase your MTM backpack blower today.

Remove all the leaves, branches, and dirt in a flash. It’s a snap to start your MTM with a quick ignition primer. You’ll be able to clear out most trash that isn’t attached to the ground at a pace of up to 300 kilometres per hour once you’re revving. In addition to the interchangeable work heads, you can quickly clear away everything from driveways to flowerbeds. With a variable air outlet and a sensitive trigger, you can always use the correct power to blast away even the most significant maintenance tasks.



The cost of a leaf blower for domestic use varies widely. Portables are the least expensive, followed by backpacks and walk-behinds. You can get backpack blowers for as little as $200, while walk-behinds can cost as much as $1,200. A professional leaf blower can cost substantially more. Still, the commensurate boost in reliability and power is far more significant than most DIYers will ever require for their leaf blower uses.



Commercial Outdoor MTM 30CC Backpack Petrol Blower.

MTM 30CC Backpack Petrol Leaf Blower 2 Stroke Commercial

A unique Gutter Cleaning Kit is included with the BPX635. You’ll be able to clean gutters and hard-to-reach areas with this seven-piece system, which can reach up to 290cm in height!

Using the bundled interchangeable nozzles, you can quickly clear everything from driveways to flowerbeds to even the tiniest of crevices. ” With a variable air outlet and a sensitive trigger, you can always use the correct power to blast away even the most significant maintenance tasks.




Leaf Blower Kit with Battery and Charger for the Baumr-AG 40V Electric Cordless Leaf Blower

Baumr-AG 40V Electric Cordless Leaf Blower Kit with Battery and Charger

The Rubber Over Moulded Handle on this Well-Balanced Blower makes it Simple and Hassle-Free to Start Up. A massive air volume of 815 m3/h and no mess, fumes, or refuelling required. Batteries that are compatible with the Baumr-AG SYNC ULTRA Range.

Lightweight operation with one hand and air speed up to 210 kilometres per hour. The package includes a 40V lithium-ion battery, a charger, and a blowing capacity that can be adjusted. In addition, its Power Source is very small, making it an efficient performer.

This backpack leaf blower’s straightforward construction is one of its best things. It creates little mess, emits limited fumes, and does not require any refuelling or other maintenance. It is helpful to have features such as a super-durable but lightweight body, rubber over-moulded throttle control handle, and a small nozzle when working with loose grass and leaves. Thanks to this product’s ergonomic and lightweight design, you’ll be able to work for extended periods with very little tiredness. As a result, you’ll be able to blow more accurately and achieve the desired results.




The MTM and Baumr-AG Leaf Blowers have various cutting-edge features, including task-specific heads, ergonomic handles with fingertip controls, and highly flexible outlets. These high-quality lawn machines also feature durable full-crank designs, narrow nozzles that provide maximum power, and long-lasting fuel tanks.

On the Australian market, two of the most reputable brands of petrol blowers are MTM and Baumr-AG. They come with an extensive assortment of tools, gasoline mixer bottles, and attachments as standard equipment. Padded shoulder straps, responsive throttle triggers, and the highest possible air velocity are three more outstanding features of this product. These handy tools free up your other hand, making it easier to complete additional chores that may be done on the fly, such as moving obstructions, clearing away dirt, and cutting away tenacious branches.

Models with thick, high-quality vacuum bags with sturdy zippers

Electric blowers from MTM and Baumr-AG are beneficial additions to any garden. They provide several benefits, including reducing pollutants, ease of maintenance, and a quieter operation. The round nozzle is intended to loosen and remove leaves that have become rooted in the grass. There are also blower/vacuum combo models with thick, high-quality vacuum bags with sturdy zippers. These models are available. Choose a leaf blower with a guarantee of at least a year if you are in the market to make a purchase. Additionally, take comfort in knowing these devices have been certified as CE, GS, and EMC compliant. The best part is that we acquire our cordless leaf blowers directly from the manufacturer and then sell them to customers like you, so we can keep our prices low without sacrificing quality.