Benefits of Raising Backyard Chickens


Having chickens at home has many advantages, and especially when you live in a city. These pets, which are quite easy to raise, bring a bit of nature to the urban world. Chickens also play a very ecological role when it comes to recycling waste. Obviously, the advantage, far from being negligible, of raising backyard chickens, is the assurance of eating organic, healthy, and always fresh eggs. Also, having chickens in your garden is also a great school of life for children. Here, we will discuss the pros and cons of having chickens in town.

Good reasons to Raise Backyard Chickens- Pros of having chickens

Organic eggs

Raising backyard chickens is within everyone’s reach. In addition, a few hens are enough to cover your annual egg consumption. Two hens can indeed lay up to 500 eggs per year, depending on their breed! To have on hand and enough fresh organic eggs all year round, what luck! Nothing to do with the taste of store-bought eggs! Especially since by feeding your chickens yourself, you know that they only eat healthy foods, devoid of any antibiotics or pesticides, of which you know the exact origin if you choose the diet of your hens accordingly. Having chickens at home and enjoying their organic eggs all year round is also a guarantee of significant savings, knowing that the average price of a box of 6 organic eggs is around 3 at 3.70 dollars.

Chickens: very ecological animals

As we know, the reduction and treatment of household waste remain crucial issues to be resolved in our consumer society. Did you know that chickens can drastically reduce our daily waste? Omnivorous, you can feed them your leftover vegetable peelings, bread, pasta, cheese, meat, etc., chickens love it. And since they are each capable of eliminating up to 150 kg of waste per year, their contribution to the environment obviously has positive consequences in reducing the volume of household waste, particularly concerning its cost.

Healthy activity for children

Raising chickens in your garden also allows your children to take an interest in the wonders of nature, especially when you live in the city. What a joy it is for them to see these animals grow and participate in their maintenance or food. Your children will be delighted and proud if you give them the responsibility, such as regularly filling the chicken bowls with water, cleaning the henhouse, etc. And kids love to collect eggs and then use them directly to bake a cake or for the evening dinner omelet!


Keep unwanted inspects under control.

Furthermore, the hens’ daily diets include insects, spiders, larvae, ants, ticks (even small mice at times). Therefore they help to keep the population of these animals under control around the house, often unwanted.

Cons of having chickens

Maintenance that requires a lot of time

To avoid bad odors, it is necessary to clean your henhouse daily. Since it could create a problem for you with the neighborhood, debris and droppings around the nest will need to be removed, which will not be given the pleasant smell if the municipality is very strict on the henhouse’s hygiene.

Early menopause in some hens

You may already wait more than 6 months before your casserole dish lays its first egg. The worst part is that some hens reach their menopause more quickly, that is to say only one year after their fertile period. Say that others can continue to lay eggs for up to 6 years or more! So it will not be guaranteed that you will be able to enjoy the eggs for as long as you planned.

They can harm the vegetable garden.

Even if having chickens allows you to collect manure, which is very high in Nitrogen, and use it as free compost for your garden, be aware that your poultry could also harm your vegetables. This is another of the disadvantages of having chickens that we do not necessarily think about. Indeed, if you have not put in place a partition between your henhouse and your vegetable garden, your hens may peck your plants and destroy them. In addition, they love to eat grass, which could make your lawn look bare if they go a little harsh, especially in the winter. So, it would be smarter to put up a separation fence between your chicken coop and your yard, which means you need to have enough space to hold everything.

We hope this guide on the pros and cons of having chickens will help you to raise chicken at your backyard like a pro.

City of Ballarat Local Laws (2017) in relation to keeping chickens (fowls):

Section 22 of the City of Ballarat local laws indicates that within the Urban residential area, which is generally most of the built-up area of Ballarat and surrounding suburbs. Residents may have up to five chickens (fowls) on their property excluding roosters. Rooster are not allowed in those zones classified as Urban residential.

If you have any questions relating to this matter, please contact the City of Ballarat bylaws. I will provide a link to the Local laws PDF on out website (within the blog post).

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