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While taking a look at Google street view, of Dyson drive, a couple of days ago. I noticed there were still pictures featuring paddocks from a decade ago. Many street view images had since been updated, but these few I saw had not. The specific location was on the corner of Scarborough Crescent.

This photo allowed reflection on what Alfredton and Lucas were like only a few short years ago. How the housing and population has expanded to form a bustling community, including a shopping centre and schools. Like many communities throughout Victoria and Australia.

Community connectivity

There have been a number of small community groups formed or at least expanded, to include the many new residents that now call Alfredton and Lucas home. On reflection, I think it is now time to further enhance community connectivity by facilitating the establishment of a newsletter. This newsletter will reflect the goals of the community and help facilitate the establishment of groups and thriving local businesses.

A platform to share positive helpful community information and with the only agenda being community cohesion. The size of the newsletter will be determined monthly by the amount of news and businesses providing content for publication (2 to 100 pages). There is also a website that has been developed and will expand as required to support the project.

As a final note and in part, a disclaimer. This is an Alfredton and Lucas commercial project; name: “Alfredton & Lucas Newsletter” which will provide local residents with the security of knowing that it will remain a local resource forever. Expansion into other locations will be totally separate. Please see above for further information on how groups and individuals can contribute.


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